"I started with articulating paper then I added the proximal contact checker and I am looking into burs right now. Microcopy is doing many things really well. I hope to expand our armamentarium with more of your products. Thanks."

Julio Rodriguez, DDS
Miami, FL / 3/25/2019

"Bite-Chek — great product, we are sold. Plus the product is latex free."

Florence Kraft
Wausau, WI

"Bite-Chek, we love them, thank you."

Steven Banks DDS
Amarillo, TX

"Bite-Chek is so simple-wish I had thought of it!"

Gary G. Lott DDS
Alva, OK / 8/3/2016

"Bite-Chek reaches posterior and anterior. Great for occlusal guards."

Shellie Reagan DDS
Spring, TX / 8/3/2016

"Liked the product. Very convenient."

Michael C Seastrom DDS
Tarzana CA / 9/4/2015

"Great product. Really nice, marks well."

Winchester Dental
Winchester MA / 9/4/2015

"Love Bite-Chek. Love the built-in handle. Great Price!"

Ansley Deff DMD
"Bite-Chek is a wonderful new product. It has simplified articulation immensely!"
Robert S King DDS
"Bite-Chek has good quality marking on all surfaces wet or dry."
Allan D Schulman DDS
"Bite-Chek is a "why didn't I think of that?" product. It is a simple solution executed to perfection. Congrats!"
Dental Arts of Sunset
"Bite-Chek is great for quick occlusal issue checking. Doesn't require forceps and thin film. I like that the tooth can be wet."
Carol Follette DDS