Promote A Holiday Dental Cleaning Promotion And Discount

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It can be hard to find the time to get individuals into the dentist for that annual cleaning, but you’d be surprised how your practice can capture the attention of possible patients when you promote a discounted holiday cleaning opportunity! This is one of the best ways to build up your dental practice’s credibility in the local community! While it might appear you’re losing by offering lower cost cleanings for the Christmas season, you have to look to the long term benefits this is going to award your practice! You can stand out above your local dental practice competition and show you care about the well being of people, rather than just about building your practice!

Offer That Christmas Day Special To Show Your Dental Team Cares

Show you care! This time of year gives your practice an excellent opportunity to reach out to the community and make a dramatic impact that illustrates, as a dental provider, you really do care! This is also an ideal way to market your practice most effectively. For example, amazing dental discounts can enable patients with hectic schedules to come in during the holiday season rather than waiting to try to fit in time between work and possible school schedules. You can diminish the stress and time constraints. You can also offer exclusive discounts for families with children!

If you market and offer a promotion for children to have a discounted check-up and cleaning before classes take back in, parents will take advantage of this! There is nothing better for a youngster than to start the New Year out with a beautiful, healthy smile! A special cleaning for children who might have ingested a little bit too much Christmas candy can end the holiday season with perfect contentment! For most, nothing is better than having a cavity free smile and clean teeth! You can also offer some holiday discounts for others as well, such as those more mature in life.

More mature adults need dental services just as anyone else does, and they get just as excited to receive a wonderful dental discount as well. For older adults, candy eating might cause a crack in dentures, or possibly even loosen teeth placed in a partial. Some adults have problems with gum irritation that might require dental care. All in all, you want to show those in the local community your practice cares about their dental health needs, no matter what age. Also, you should set an example and illustrate you don’t mind offering discounted services, or possibly even free cleanings at different times of the year.

You can also offer patients Christmas goody bags that are holiday gift bagged

Holiday Promotions Only Stop When You Lose Creativity: Give Christmas Gift Bags

People love goody bags, it is a common fact. For younger people, goody bags from the dentist are a treat, but it can be a nice treat for parents too. This holiday season; take a little extra time with those patient goody bags. Fill these with a brand new toothbrush, wrapped in a bow and dental floss that is peppermint in flavor. You can add to the fun by placing sugar free peppermints in the goody bags! If anything, your practice can represent good cheer and put patients at ease who decide to come in during the holiday season.

Just think, when you set up a great, friendly environment all year long, word-of-mouth can grow in a spectacular way. You can mention to your patients to not forget about mentioning your practice as you hand them their gift bag! You’ll find they’ll be more than happy to. Further, you can even offer a 20% discount for each patient referral you receive. While it might seem a bit pushy, the holiday is the perfect time to follow through with a marketing and promotion plan such as this.

Your gift bags can do all the promoting for your dental practice! When others find out about how generous a specific practice is, and the extras they can get for becoming a patient, they will stop by just to see how good the word really might be.

A dental practice should never lose sight of the fact that they are a business and they have to promote themselves above their competition. Doing this in a friendly and cheerful manner is one way to illustrate authenticity and originality as well. Try these tips and tactics on for size and watch your practice gain recognition within the community!