Simple Marketing That Works: Learn Why Hosting a Health Care Seminar Actually Boosts Your PR for the Long-Term!

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Marketing tools don’t have to be complex to work and that’s a fact. If you want to gain long-term benefits from your PR campaign, then you need to have an effective plan in place. As a dental professional, you should ensure your marketing plan focuses on the specific services your practice is equipped to offer. In other words, your health seminar is your opportunity to illustrate that your practice is about more than just improving your image. This is an opportunity to share helpful dental and medical information in an engaging way. You want your audience to take something away from the health seminar that will improve their lives.

Use Your Health Seminar to Position Yourself as a Prominent Dental Practice

You’ll hear this many times over. You can use your professional position in a way to improve your community. For the dental community, a health seminar isn’t just about bolstering patient quota, or staying on top. This is more about educating and sharing with those who can benefit from the facts. Any health seminar or public relations campaign should highlight those needs. Maintaining a balanced ethical front truly influences your audience.

Furthermore, for the biggest PR boost, the focus should be on those community services needs, which are highest in demand as well! For instance, if a community of retiree’s resides near your medical practice, your health seminar should offer medical information related to conditions and needs such as:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Proper oral heath care
  • Prompt treatment for gingivitis and other oral health issues
  • Proper oral heath techniques for children
  • Offering community outreach
  • And more

The right marketing approach does pack the perfect punch and there should be no doubt how effective a free health seminar can truly be for your public relations.

The Health Seminar in Action: This Can Make All The Difference

Now you know. Free, public health seminars are proven to be excellent ways of growing a dental practice and broadening your practice’s visibility. This widens the potential for growing and acquiring new patients for a practice as well. For instance, when community members do attend a free, open health seminar they can then discover what the dental group or practice is about and what principles they stand by.

Furthermore, when it comes to speaking at a seminar, you can be an influential figure. You can establish your practice as one, which promotes individual patient care. You can demonstrate you are more about reaching out to make a difference in others lives through proper healthcare, health education and dental treatments as well.

This is exactly how you can build the credibility your practice needs to manage and maintain continuous growth and financial success. You want to prove you’re about more than just your dental practice; you’re about servicing the needs of those within your community.