10 Great Blogs and Bloggers for Dental Hygienists

In this day and age, dental hygienists like you don’t need to worry about work or keeping up to date with the newest developments in dentistry. There is a whole blogosphere out there dedicated to dental hygiene and keeping YOU informed and at the top of your game in an ever changing industry. More than that, they’re often packed with lots of insider tips. In no particular order, check them out below: 

1. Jenn @ My Life as a Dental Hygienist

This is one of the best blogs, especially for people new to the profession – but Jenn does something differently. She makes her blog personal so she can blend her home life with her work to give you informal tips and a better idea of what like a Dental Hygienist is really like.  

2. Dr. Vinograd

This blogger is slightly different with his approach to dental medicine with a holistic ideal. He writes mostly about biocompatible and mercury free procedures, and whilst most of his work is experimental it can be a real eye opener.  

3. Dr. Elizabeth Fleming

A blog that is a good all rounder, that focuses mainly on dentistry practice but also touches on the ideas of marketing not only your services but yourself.  

4. Brent Cornelius

Brent really works to undo the myths that are so often associated with dentistry and writes under the heading of ‘Mental Floss’.  

5. Dental Focus

This blog doesn’t focus specifically on the dentistry but rather on the marketing that might need to go into your business if you decide to open your own independent practice. It’s got loads of good tips and is well worth a look if you thinking of expanding.  

6. Kevin Tighe

With his self professed ‘tips from the trenches’ this blog is well worth a look if you are just starting out and need some defiantly helpful starter advice.  

7. RDH girl @ Confessions of a Dental Hygienist

This wonderful and independent blog is a more tongue in cheek approach the blogs about dental hygiene (excuse the pun) and is the perfect blend of humor and information.  

8. Dr. David and Karah Maloley

These dental hygienists offer a blog with a twist. The married couple says their blog aims to ‘launch dentists beyond their excuses and into an epic life’. The blog offers a weekly podcasts about both dental practice as well as inspiration for a more successful practice.  

9. Naomi Cooper Like Dental

Focus above, Naomi tends to spend more time on the marketing side of dentistry rather than the practice. Her blog is special because it works to tell you all about how you can use social media to work for you and give you the best customer response.  

10. Mark Frias

Mark is a straight-up no nonsense dental hygienist and his blog can be really helpful for beginners. His newest post ‘Why hygienists should consider buying their own instruments’ is well worth a read.