10 Tips for Attracting More Dental Patients!

Marketing & Advertising 

In a world that has slowly become dictated by how you market who you are as a brand, it is vital to utilize all the outlets that are available. Effectively marketing your dentistry practice means combining traditional marketing strategy with the newer digital marketing that is now available. 

Quality Customer Care

This is pretty simple; take care of your people. Every patient that walks through your door should feel important and welcomed. Building customer repertoire goes beyond a smile and a polite, “hello”. Celebrate birthdays and holidays. Have a policy that no customer will be left on hold longer than 2 minutes. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter. It is important to find ways to let your clients know that you care and that you want them to be updated and a part of all the happenings within your office. 

Your Website

Aesthetics are everything. Make sure your website is professional looking and represents your brand and practice seamlessly. Though we live in a tech savvy generation, be sure that your site is easy to navigate for even the most technologically inept. You can also use your website as another form of marketing. 


Run specials and discounts for your current client base. Let them know that they are appreciated and valued. If you have a new service you are offering, publicize it by offering it at a discounted price. Nothing gets people excited like a bargain! 

Fast Check-In

Have a system where your clients have the option to do an accelerated check where they can skip the line and wait. This can be developed online or through having multiple check-in options at your front desk. 

Referral Discounts 

Encourage your clients to help you market by offering gifts and services for every family member or friend that they refer. The gift can be anything from a gift card, to a discount on one of the services that you offer. 

Send Surveys

Find out what you do good and bad. Any successful endeavor is accompanied with humility, so be willing to see what you can improve upon to give your clients the best experience. Surveys also give you the chance to celebrate what you do well, and give you the chance to see what you have improved upon since the last survey. 

Comfortable Waiting Rooms

Make your waiting room comfortable and relaxed for your patients. Make it an extension of home rather than an uncomfortable waiting room. This could mean anything from comfy couches to interesting books to read. Try to create a welcoming environment. 

Be Involved

Being involved in your community is a great, free way to market your practice. People like businesses that are involved and care about the people around them. There are numerous ways to get involved with church, charities, and programs. 

Inactive Clients 

Keep records of clients and if you see that someone has been inactive for a year, make an effort to let them know they are missed. You could send a card or a discount or some form of communication to try and draw them back in.