Don't Forget Your Child's Oral Health During Summer Break

Written by Heather Siler

As the school year comes to a close, thoughts turn to no schedules, vacations, and kid’s camps. During the school year, schedules abound with everyone staying on task including paying close attention to personal grooming. When it’s time to prepare for “back to school,” many parents find that their child has been neglecting their oral hygiene with a trip to the dentist and receiving a bad report. This type of diagnosis can be avoided by following a few simple rules.

  • Don’t let the routine fall by the wayside- Continue the normal routine regardless of it being summer break. It’s very easy to stay up late and sleep late while forgetting to brush and floss. Also, much more junk food is probably consumed leading to a greater risk of decay.
  • Pack the necessary tools- Vacations are great because it’s a time to leave all the stress behind. However, make sure the toothbrush and floss aren’t left behind with the stress. While most children can pack their luggage by age 12-14, they are likely to skip the brush and floss. Give their packing a once over confirming the presence of oral hygiene supplies. Also, if you’re with the children on vacation, make oral maintenance a priority. Many times, children from six to fourteen and beyond are in some phase of orthodontics making brushing and flossing imperative. Another great idea for use all year round is an over the counter fluoride rinse.
  • Going off to camp- Sending kids to camp is a time-honored Often, it’s the first time parent and child are separated. In this case, advice must be given and written to help the child remember to take care of themselves. A written reminder sent along can make the child feel less homesick and more likely to follow the rules. It’s also wise to pack extra toothbrushes and travel size toothpaste to be given to the counselors for safe keeping.

By taking some extra simple steps, your child can remain cavity free as the summer comes to a close. It will also be easier to resume the school year routine when the alarm clock sounds once again.