Will Going Green in Your Dental Practice Put You in the Red?

Written by Heather Siler

Going green is here to stay, so how does this environmental movement transition into the dental office? Below are some suggestions to help without draining your bank account.

  1. Use non-aerosol products
  2. Take advantage of your energy providers energy savings programs
  3. Transition patient correspondence from mailed reminders to text messages or emails.
  4. Wear eco-friendly scrubs
  5. Use degradable plastic bags for patient bags
  6. Install programmable thermostats
  7. Use LED lighting where possible
  8. Caulk all office windows or apply weather stripping
  9. Consider using biodegradable supplies whenever possible
  10. Label recycle receptacles to encourage recycling
  11. Recycle all electronics (computers, batteries, computer parts, etc.)
  12. Recycle traditional x-ray lead foil and solutions
  13. Maintain air conditioning and heating filters
  14. Encourage turning lights off when the room is empty (restrooms)
  15. Use touchless faucets when possible and don’t leave them running while brushing or washing hands
  16. Deal with companies who support conserving energy
  17. Use fans to help circulate the air. However, practice caution when using fans in the operatory while creating aerosols.
  18. Consult with companies who support going green when building a new practice or remodeling an existing office.
  19. Utilize reusable products when possible
  20. Don’t become overwhelmed by trying to go green all at once. Incorporating sensible little changes on a continuous basis will contribute to making your office environmentally friendly.