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The Pioneer of Single-Patient-Use

NeoDiamond, the pioneer and #1 single-patient-use diamond, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Three decades ago, Microcopy co-founder Thom Maass, Jr. achieved his vision to offer a high quality, sterile and efficient dental diamond bur — even coining the phrase “Single-Patient-Use”. NeoDiamond launched, outfitted in the distinctive magenta packaging, in early 1989. The original NeoDiamond line consisted of 16 shapes. Unbeknownst to Thom, NeoDiamond would go on to become a highly regarded brand by dental professionals around the world.

“Much has changed since NeoDiamond launched in 1989,” said Paul Tucker, CEO, “But through the years Microcopy has stayed true to its mission to bring products to the dental market that make dentistry easier and safer.” The NeoDiamond line now consists of 126 shapes in various grits. Most recently, in May 2019, 6 new pediatric short shank diamond burs were released. Microcopy has expanded globally and maintains a focus to offer innovative, single-patient-use products that enable dentists to fulfill a social responsibility to provide better, healthier patient care. It’s no longer 1989 but Microcopy is planning to keep NeoDiamond around for the next 30 years. As Heather Siler, marketing manager puts it, “NeoDiamond was developed with safety and performance in mind, which is still the driving force for the brand today. Great products like NeoDiamond will never go out of style.”

To celebrate NeoDiamond’s golden anniversary, Microcopy wants to hear from NeoDiamond customers, old and new. Microcopy has launched a photo submission campaign, encouraging customers to submit their “NeoDiamond Story” along with a photo, sharing why they started using or what they love about these single-patient-use diamonds. Entries will be submitted into a drawing to win a trip to Atlanta for a tour of Microcopy and select from a list of other exciting places to visit while in the city. To share your NeoDiamond Story visit:

For more information about NeoDiamond visit or call 800-235-1863.

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