10 Ways To Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month

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Life is crazy hectic, right? You try to keep track of everything but with a family, it can be quite more than just difficult. Dental hygiene is that one general area where many individuals tend to focus least on, even though the risk of an unhealthy smile is more than likely. Now, since October happens to be the month when dental practices all across the country focus on celebrating dental hygiene, let’s consider some of the activities every family could engage in to improve dental health! Now is the time to begin making those changes so you can feel better about your teeth!

Develop Healthier Dental Habits: Brush, Floss And Rinse Three Times A Day!

Not only should you properly celebrate dental hygiene month (which just happens to be the biggest candy eating month: October) but also, you should begin developing healthier habits all year long. Parents should encourage their kids to brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day, but preferably three! The following tips might help you recognize the importance of dental care much more. This just might help your entire family change their dental habits!

  • When you can’t brush your teeth, carry an oral protective rinse to prevent against tartar buildup
  • Floss regularly, hopefully after every meal to keep spaces between the teeth healthy. This is where many cavities develop, so flossing three times a day is more important than brushing three times a day!
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to help improve the dentin of your teeth and protect the enamel
  • Drink more water and minimize alcoholic beverages which can erode the enamel from your teeth
  • Carry travel dental brushes with you so you can brush after eating out

On top of these very useful tips you can also begin to practice hygiene habits, which are far gentler for your teeth and can preserve their structure. National dental hygiene month offers educational guidance so everyone can become better educated on the proper methods to brush, floss and rinse, as they should. You only have one set of teeth and taking care of them is far more than a requirement, it is a necessity!

Don’t Postpone Dental Care: Dental Visits Should Become A Habit Twice A Year

You can boost your dental health tremendously when you follow through with a regular dental routine that includes twice-annual dental visits. In fact, you learn tactics, which help you keep your teeth healthy. Dental checkups and cleanings help spot problems with your teeth before they become serious problems, such as dental issues requiring a root canal!

Furthermore, having your teeth professionally cleaned helps to minimize bacterial plaque, which can invade spaces in between the teeth and irritate the gums. Dental visits can also pinpoint gum health issues like “gingivitis” in early stages, actually saving your teeth! You also learn healthier cleaning habits for yourself such as brushing softer and with a softer bristled toothbrush. Too few people realize what abrasive brushing does to the composition of the teeth. In fact, receding gum lines could be avoided if more education was given. Once again, celebrating this month improves the possibility of dental education!

It is hoped you can see why there is such importance placed on celebrating national dental hygiene month now. It is one of the main periods out of the year where the focus is on reaching out to those in rural areas and those in cities as well to educate and provide the services and tools communities need to have healthy teeth and a healthy smile!

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