Microcopy is Recognized by Dental Advisor for Outstanding Products

NeoDiamond, NeoBurr, and Gazelle receive the 2015 Top Product Awards from Dental Advisor.

Kennesaw, Georgia, December 10, 2014—Microcopy was recently notified by Dental Advisor, that three of its premier products have received the 2015 Top Product Award in their respective categories. Each product received the highest 5+ rating by a team of independent evaluators. To qualify for the Top Product Award, a product must receive the 5+ rating, as well as stand out from other competitive products in the marketplace. “We are extremely honored that three of our top-tier products have received this prestigious award,” said Paul Tucker, Director of Marketing at Microcopy. “It continues to signify that Microcopy is at the forefront in providing products that meet or exceed the Dental Advisor’s high standard for innovation, quality and excellence.”

In the Diamond Bur category, Microcopy’s NeoDiamond received the Top Award when compared with other competitive diamonds on the market. NeoDiamond continues to be the market leader in diamonds in the U.S., and is steadily increasing in the number of new customers using the product and joining the Microcopy family. “For over 25 years, NeoDiamond has been the diamond of choice for dental practitioners across the United States,” said Peggy Gober, Marketing Manager. “Our advanced technology makes NeoDiamond the highest performer and the bur of choice for a premium-quality diamond. With 20% more cutting surface, NeoDiamond provides maximum efficiency and productivity in the dental practice.”  In the carbide category, the NeoBurr line of premium-quality carbides took home the top honors and continues to demonstrate the need for a quality carbide that goes the extra mile for safety.

The new-to-market Gazelle nano composite polisher took home the top spot in the Composite Finishing/Polishing category. Available in both Satin and Hi-Gloss finish, Gazelle is optimized for today’s nano composites and its exclusive manufacturing process makes it the most durable, non-crumble polisher available. “We are really excited that Gazelle took home top honors and is making a difference in this category,” said Barb Lincoln, Marketing Manager. “Being on the market for less than one year, Gazelle has lived up to its expectations as a clinical workhorse for nano composite restorations.”

For more information, or to receive product samples, call Microcopy at 800-235.1863 or go to www.microcopydental.com/sample.

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