Creative Ways to Use Leftover Easter Candy

b2ap3 thumbnail PEEPS Bunny Smores

 We try hard to keep children’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Leftover Easter candy presents a challenge because children seem to have a sixth sense called “sugar sense.” In spite of efforts to promote fruits and healthy snacks, they find the most sugar-filled snacks in the house. If you’re looking for alternatives for that leftover Easter candy, here are some fun ideas:

  • Chop it, freeze it and keep it to sprinkle over ice cream
  • Craft it into a sweet piece of art using leftover Easter grass, glitter, tissue paper, glue, and small pieces of candy
  • Melt the chocolate bunnies into a chocolate fondue and dip your favorite fruits
  • Mix it with other favorite trail mix ingredients like granola and mixed nuts and take it for a snack on the go
  • Use your Peeps and pair with chocolate and graham crackers to make yummy S’mores!
  • String jelly bean necklaces and bracelets to compliment any spring outfit

 And of course, don’t forget to help the children floss after eating candy – especially those chewy and sticky candies!

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