As dental professionals, our days are spent working in small spaces which increases the risk of back pain, headache, neck fatigue, and eye strain. Investing in a pair of quality dental loupes can improve posture, allow for better vision, and protect against eye strain because we can clearly see every tooth surface while still maintaining a better posture.

Dental Loupes are a “magnification device that helps attain better and larger vision of things that are usually not clearly visible with the naked eye.” They are worn like glasses and can prevent a myriad of problems which plague the dental profession such as back and neck pain, eye strain, and headaches.

Wearing loupes allows us to see every part of the tooth clearly thus providing more accuracy and quicker identification of problems. Moreover, loupes aren’t just for aging eyes. Studies show that using loupes at the onset of a dental career can significantly improve and prevent conditions caused by improper positioning over a patient.

There are some things to consider before investing in loupes as they do come with a hefty price tag and some clinicians may have a difficult time adjusting to magnification. It’s best to choose a well-known company with a local representative and risk-free trial periods.

Some other considerations before buying loupes:

Taking all of these tips into consideration will make the transition from seeing things with the naked eye to magnification much more comfortable. Loupes are designed to be a long-term investment in the wearer's career and health and are definitely worth a second look.