Dental Spring Cleaning

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Spring is definitely in the air, and as this anticipated time of year approaches, many begin thinking about spring cleaning. When considering deep cleaning of the home, perhaps it’s also time to consider your dental cleaning routine. We’re going to go beyond toothbrushes and discuss two products which clean an often overlooked area in the mouth- in between the teeth.

Dental Floss- Using dental floss is an excellent way to clean in between the teeth. However, it can be difficult to master, and it’s not the only method which is effective. There are many different types of floss ranging from waxed to unwaxed, and varying thickness and materials. Studies show that the type of floss chosen doesn’t matter. Find a brand and type that works well for your mouth and use it daily. Using floss pics and floss holders are also acceptable.

Interdental Brushes- Interdental Brushes are a dark horse in the dental world. They were initially used to clean between wide gaps. They are becoming more and more popular for even tight spaces due to increasing choices in diameters. Many companies are making assorted sizes, and some are very small. Just about anyone can use an extremely small brush without any force needed to insert the brush between the teeth. The key is not to force the brush between the teeth thus avoiding creating a space where one doesn’t exist. Furthermore, Interdental Brushes are often more user-friendly than floss for many individuals.

Always consult your dental professional before making a decision and never force any interdental cleaning aid between your teeth. While these are but a few choices in dental cleaning, they’re a great start in getting your mouth in order this spring!

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