Halloween Treats - What's Really Bad for Your Teeth & Some Better Choices

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Time to ruin Halloween for kids by telling them what they can and can't eat during this holiday. Don't worry, your kids and you (I know you take a candy or two when you think no one is looking, so don't try denying it) still have plenty of tasty treats to enjoy on Halloween, without having to go to the dentist the next week.

Take a look at the worst and best candy a trick-or-treater can bring.

Worst Halloween Candy

These candies are an absolute menace for your teeth. But they are so hard to resist! Unfortunately, they are also the ones a kid yelling “trick or treat!” hopes for when ringing on your door.

  1. Taffy and candy with nuts, coconut or caramel. These are a true menace for your teeth as they can get stuck anywhere in your mouth. Even between teeth, yuck! The longer the food is stuck to the teeth, the more time bacteria has to feed and create cavity acid.
  2. Sour candy. Because of their high acidity these are able to quickly break down tooth enamel. On the positive side, saliva in the mount acts to slowly restore the acid balance.
  3. Sugary snacks. Not all cavity problems are caused by industrial candy. Cookies and cakes are all high in sugar amounts and may lead to tooth decay.

Best Halloween Candy

Ugh, so what are we supposed to munch on on Halloween? Surely there is something in the Halloween basket we can eat? Yes, and here is what:

  1. Sugar-free gum. This treat contains xylitol, which is a natural sugar bacteria can't create plaque on. Also, sugar-free gums leave no sticky residue like other candy and increases saliva. This way it prevents tooth decay and neutralizes mouth acid.
  2. Sugar-free lollipop and hard candy. These two stimulate saliva and prevent dry mouth. Plaque can build up faster in dry mouth, which increases risk of cavities.
  3. Chocolate with no fillings. Chocolate on its own is not only incredibly tasty, but you don't have to worry much about cavities either. Without fillings to get stuck on or in your teeth, this is a much better option when you're looking for something sweet.

There you go! Three types of candy you and your kids should avoid on Halloween and three that you can enjoy without getting a toothache tomorrow. Happy Halloween, everybody!

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