How Summer Drinks Can Affect Your Teeth

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Summer time and the availability of fresh fruits often encourages people to enjoy sweet and fruity drinks. Many have citrus bases and alcohol or soda mixed in. All these factors have an effect on your teeth. Everything from oral cancer to bad breath is possible if you’re not careful.


Drinking beverages containing alcohol significantly increases the risk of oral cancer. Alcohol dehydrates your entire body, including the cell walls inside the mouth which makes it easier for carcinogens to permeate the tissue of the mouth. Alcohol abuse and heavy use significantly impacts the risk. Oral cancer can manifest on the lips and tongue. It can also appear on the roof of the mouth or under the tongue. Paired with tobacco use, the risk is even higher.


Soda drinks have acidic sugar byproducts that soften the enamel of teeth, making them weak and susceptible to cavities. Reports have shown soda to be a significant contributing factor in tooth decay. Some reports show it to be as damaging to teeth as swishing with battery fluid. Damage to teeth from soda consumption actually starts as soon as three minutes after intake. Sodas also stain the teeth.

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Fresh citrus is very good for the body in many ways but not when it comes to teeth. Highly acidic fruits like lemon and grapefruit can eat away tooth enamel after an extended period. The outer layer will wear away and reveal a very sensitive under layer. Orange juice is the least harmful citrus to ingest.

Combat the effects of summer drinks by practicing proper oral hygiene and visiting a dentist regular. Enjoy the beautiful summer! 

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