How To Attract Attention With Your Own Halloween Candy Buyback Program

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A Halloween candy buyback program is a great way for families to get rid of that excessive Halloween candy that is just not needed. This is also a fantastic way for others to share in putting a smile on the faces of military personnel who are serving overseas. The program takes donated candy and sends it abroad to those who serve our country faithfully!

It’s also amazing how a program such as this connects a dental practice to a community in the most amazing way. However, you have steps necessary to ensure it goes over extremely well! There are multiple ways a dental office can publicize their buyback program. At the same time, there are numerous creative ideas one can put in place to make it engaging for the young and the old. Let’s point to how this can come together in the perfect way!

Begin Planning For Your Halloween Buyback Program In Advance For Success

The first step for a professional dental practice is to begin gaining attention, even if it is small. The goal is to certainly get the word out locally and possibly even beyond this. Local media is the easiest and most reliable way of spreading the word. You can take advantage of local radio stations, your community newspaper and more.

Furthermore, you want to establish your program in a way where the benefits of becoming involved are noticeable to all, specifically families with children! In other words, your buyback program has to encourage kids to give up that bad, yucky candy known to lead to those awful cavities! There are many ways you can do this, and hopefully the following unique tips will give you some starting points:

  • Door prizes: you can make a game out of it, with the children donating the most candy receiving a great prize!
  • Interactive games: your practice can establish fun and playful games such as traditional ones like bobbing for apples, kick the can, or something even more creative. This can give kids an interesting twist of entertainment they’ll definitely enjoy!
  • Donations from distributors: It might be very possible to have some of your distributors provide packages of well designed toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss for the kids to practice their own dental hygiene.

These are just a few ideas, which might help get families with children eager to participate.  If anything, your practice will certainly gain the opportunity to better educate families about proper dental care.  Hopefully your practice will encourage them to donate their unopened candy to others who will enjoy it just as much as they do!  The best news is preventive dental care is what can grow out of this. In order for a dental practice to develop a lasting and trusting patient & dentist relationship, another great approach following your Halloween candy buyback would be to really show appreciation to those who participated.  More often than not, many dental practices that carry out this program award kids with a special “token of appreciation” for sharing their Halloween candy.  This also influences kids to develop better dental habits.

Publicize Your Halloween Candy Buyback Event Ahead Of Schedule

There are a number of ways your dental practice can ensure success, each and every year. One great way of doing this is to engage and interact with your local businesses, which was briefly mentioned earlier. You’d be surprised how willing local companies will be to donate coupons and free samples of products to help you engage families in your community. You can take it one step further as well and request businesses to co-sponsor your event!

When you tell businesses you’ll promote them to families across the community, you gain even more rewarding associations. It’s a win-win type of situation! Of course, it isn’t hard to persuade local companies to help influence families with children to not over indulge in Halloween candy either. Now, don’t forget the influential outreach of social media either. It’s free, easy to use and is guaranteed to get you noticed!

The Influence of Social Media On Your Halloween Candy Buyback Event

You can definitely get noticed and gain interest when you post messages about an activity like this through the Internet. It doesn’t matter if it goes beyond your local community! Most dental practices find the larger the turnout, the better the event becomes! This is especially the case when you consider the appreciation that is gained between patients and the dental practice in particular! And let’s not forget the happiness, which is being shared with many others.

You can utilize social media platforms such as: Facebook, pinterest, twitter, reddit and others to announce your upcoming Halloween candy buyback event. If your practice has decided to have interactive entertainment as suggested, this is the best way to get that news out there. Your dental practice can make certain this year’s Halloween candy buyback will be the best yet! Following the advice, tips and guidance of others can dramatically improve the outcome of something like this. When you take your time to plan right, it all comes together perfectly.

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