How to Setup a YouTube Channel, Create Your First Video and Upload it

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YouTube can be a powerful tool for promoting your business and you should definitely use it for much more than watching funny cat videos or NBA highlights. It is the second largest search engine overall behind only Google and ahead of Yahoo and Bing, with over a billion monthly users and reaching more US adults between 18 and 34. All of this makes YouTube a must-have online platform for your business.

Why Your Small Business Should Use YouTube

These days it seems that everyone has a Facebook and other social media sites are not far behind. Instagram and Pinterest are getting their fair share of the online cake and the same goes for Google + and Twitter.

But because of this "social media marketing craze", it seems that video sharing sites such as YouTube are being a little overlooked. This, of course, is one slip-up that you should not make.

Videos are a great way to show off your brand, product or service and to better bond with your customers. One huge reason for using video is that people today tend to be too busy to read a long article and you can keep their attention much better with a short video on YouTube.

There are four key reasons why it's a good idea to include YouTube as your brand's online platform:

1. Original video content can improve your SEO