Why Dentistry is the Profession for You

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There are some people who have wanted to be dentists since childhood. The teeth, and all the care and maintenance that accompanies them, are fascinating to some. Others are drawn to the benefits and advantages of the profession. US News and World Reports named it the number one best job of 2013, proving the hard work and dedication it takes to be a dentist is definitely worth it. There are several reasons why dentistry is a wonderful profession.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

If you have ever had an experience with poor teeth and an unattractive smile, you know the difference it can make in your life. Having a dubious smile can make it hard to get a job and make friends. Photos ops are all but ruined, and you cover your mouth whenever you smile. Smiles can go wrong for all kinds of reasons, and some of them aren’t even down to lack of good oral hygiene. Changing a bad smile to something you can be proud of is a genuinely life changing experience.

Professional Variety

Most medical professions have the distinct advantage of having several different specialties to go into. Dentists have 13 specialty areas within which they can focus their careers. There is incredible opportunity for change and growth, way beyond dental school. Research into dental procedures, techniques and treatments is also an important facet of the dental profession. Laser drills, stem cell technology for implants and computer programs have all come to fruition within dental research.

Salary and Wages

According to Payscale.com, the average U.S. yearly salary for a dentist is over $100,000. Most dentists only work a five day work week as well, making that figure even more exciting. Those who own their own practice are able to schedule their own vacation days. Dental professionals offering the newest and most exciting procedures are able to make even more money. It is a lucrative field!

Owning Your Own Practice

Dentists can open their own practice once they have graduated from dental school. This gives them full responsibility for how much money they bring in each year. No one likes making their boss richer with each passing year. Owning your own practice not only puts the money in your hands, but allows you to run the practice your way, and put emphasis on what you feel is most important to your patients.

Interaction with the Public

Dentistry is a great profession for individuals who like to be around other people. Being a people person is a huge benefit in the dental field. You're able to put people at ease during a time that many consider highly stressful. It’s also fun to be able to meet so many different people from so many different varieties of life.

There are many great reasons to be a dentist. The profession has some great benefits, and very few downsides. If you have the aptitude - and the fortitude - to make it through college and dental school, it definitely pays off in the long run.

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