Top 10 Apps for Dentists and Their Patients for 2014

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It seems that today there is no aspect of our lives that cannot be enhanced, or made easier, with the use of apps. There are literally thousands upon thousands of apps on Android and iPhone devices ranging from games to heart rate monitors. Some apps are free to download and use, some require payments for extra features and upgrades (but their basic version is still free of charge), while some apps you will have to pay to even download.

With so many apps to choose from, it would be a mistake to simply divide them into “free” and “paid”.

Dental apps are, naturally, not lagging behind, as there are some really good and useful apps out there. If you are a dentist and are looking for something that will help you improve the service you offer to your patients, you no longer need to waste hours searching through apps for that really good one. I've already done that for you.


This app functions as a virtual assistant to dental professionals, helping them give diagnosis and lay out treatment plans for their patients. With DDP GP, patients will have a better understanding of the treatment you suggest to them. The library for this app is very extensive and is being updated regularly with tons of presentations ranging across all aspects of dentistry.


Most dental apps focus on the professionals, but DCStory looks to educate the patient and help him understand his role in dental treatment. And it does so in a language that is clear and understandable to a layman. There are several features that this app offers, including educational counseling and different treatment plan templates. The app covers over 200 dental procedures.

Epocrates Rx

ePocrates RX is a cost-free clinical reference library which, I'm sure both dentists and patients will find extremely useful when searching information about a certain drug. This app is one of the most complete guides for drugs, including information on drug interactions you should be wary of. The app comes in several versions and can be very helpful to all medical professionals, not just dentists.

Dental Expert

Patients today no longer want to simply sit in a chair and leave the fate of their teeth to you. They want to know what you are doing and they want to be engaged in the process of healing their teeth as well. Dental Expert is an app that is developed with these exact patients in mind. The app provides not only the basic information, but also some really useful tips on good dental habits. Remember, the more a patient knows about oral health, the more relaxed he will be in the chair.

Lex-Dental Complete

Developed by Lexi Comp, Lexi-Dental Complete is an extensive library of dental resources in which you can find information on dental procedures (complete with high definition images-), dental conditions, different drugs and their effects, Steadman's Medical Library and much more. You can download a 30 day trial for free, while the annual subscription will cost you $285.

Dental Manager

Most dentist apps out there focus on providing information about diagnoses, treatments, drugs or simply tips on oral hygiene. However, few of them really tackle organizing treatment plans for patients. This is where Dental Manager comes into picture if you download it on your Smartphone device. The app even offers a cost assessment tool, which will help you calculate them much easier and focus on what's really important here – providing dental care to your patients.


The idea of this app (created and provided by Dental Anywhere) is to enhance communication between doctors and patients. Using MyDentist app, a patient can text his or her dentist, or send him photos and diagrams, to better illustrate his problems. The dentist, on his end, can respond with information or advice that would help the patient, especially in an emergency, or set up an appointment.


Medscape has for years been one of the most widely used (and downloaded) medical apps. And with good reason. Developed by WebMD, this app provides vast amounts of information about different afflictions, prescription drugs, OTCs and herbal drugs, drug interactions, medical procedures and more.


Developed for the iPad, Romexis is a 2D and 3D image viewer app that obtains images from Planmeca X-ray units (such as ProFace 3D). The app offers only high resolution images and can be an invaluable resource in communicating with and educating patients. The images can also be shared across multiple mobile devices, zoomed in and out and adjusted in different ways. Finally, there is also a feature that allows dentists to search and list their patients and images on the Planmeca Romexis server.

Canvas Note Taker HD

One of the things that I'm positive dentists hate the most is dealing with patient history forms. This is why most dentists will find Canvas Note Taker to be of tremendous help in organizing patient history forms and their notes, which can be saved on their PC or laptop they have synced with mobile phone. Well, I hope that you found this information helpful and that the apps you decide to download will aid you in giving better dental care to your patients.

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