What is Concierge Dentistry and is it right for your practice?


Chances are you’ve never heard of the term Concierge Dentistry. It’s becoming more common in medical practices and is gaining popularity in the dental world. So, what are Concierge services? It refers to private pay for procedures without the intervention of insurance. I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would my patient pay full price for services when they have dental insurance? Stay with me. There are many reasons your patient might consider this option.

The days of a privately owned dental practice are dwindling. Corporate dentistry is becoming more and more mainstay. You probably pass several on the way to your privately owned office. With these new corporate practices come changes in the way your and your patients are accustomed to treating and being treated. When a practice is corporate owned, the control goes to the corporation. The dentist may no longer have a say in the way the office operates. Some dentists are fine with this while others are not comfortable with this type of business.

Some physicians and dentists are turning to Concierge services. There are many ways of operating this type of practice. In all scenarios, the patient is responsible for any reimbursement from Insurance or any other type of reimbursement program usually provided by their employer. Some concierge programs mandate the patient pay a flat rate per year which provides them with preventative services (cleanings, exams, and x-rays) as well as a percentage off of restorative services.

Upon doing the math, it may be more cost effective for the patient to deny coverage from their employer and simply pay the flat rate to their dentist thus saving monthly premiums. This type of practice seems foreign, but it may be time to do some investigating. Studies show that providers who choose this path receive a very healthy income and a daily schedule that is more than manageable.

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