NeoDrys Celebrates 10th Anniversary

2015 marks 10 years of the best saliva absorbent on the market.

Kennesaw, Georgia, August 1, 2015—Microcopy, a leader in the design and development of innovative products for the dental industry, has been providing NeoDrys saliva absorbents to the dental market for over 10 years. Developed to assist dentists and dental hygienists in keeping a dry field when performing routine dental procedures, NeoDrys has become integral during routine procedures like fillings, crowns, cleanings and sealants.

Before NeoDrys, cotton rolls and other absorbent pads on the market were insufficient in maintaining a dry-field. Microcopy recognized this competitive weakness and committed to offering a better solution. With its current Microcopy Innovation Process, development of the NeoDrys took just over a year to complete, and dentists raved over the improvements that the product offered.

"The most useful product innovation we've introduced into our practice!" said Dr. Hendrickson of Colorado. With its Comfort Edge® and the flexible, tapered design, NeoDrys accommodates cheek movement and provides maximum patient comfort. NeoDrys offers cheek protection from dental instruments and most importantly they don’t leak or burst open when the core is fully saturated. NeoDrys are offered in two varieties: the standard, original white backing, or a reflective backing that provides light reflection into the oral cavity. “NeoDrys, like our NeoDiamond brand of burs, continues to show Microcopy’s commitment to developing products that make dentistry easier so that dental professionals can do what they do best – take care of their patients,” said Paul Tucker, Director of Marketing for Microcopy.

We are celebrating by offering all styles of NeoDrys for $10 through August 31, 2015.