NeoDrys to the rescue!

A patient with some medical issues presented in my office for some posterior composite restorations. He’d been on steroids for some time and still had severe swelling of his cheeks. Posterior fillings plus swollen cheeks equal a very difficult time for the patient and me. When he opened his mouth, his occlusal surfaces were completely covered by the inside of his cheeks.

My assistant and I looked at one another, and I could tell that she was thinking the same thing, “How in the world are we going to get through this procedure”? My go to is cotton rolls, and even they wouldn’t keep his cheek out of the way and keep the field dry.

I then thought of giving NeoDrys® a try. We placed the large, Reflective NeoDrys against the cheek and viola; the teeth were visible. Also, the field remained dry, and the reflective shield provided extra light. This seemingly impossible procedure turned out to be much less complicated than I originally feared.

Thanks to Microcopy for inventing Reflective Neodrys and making life easier in the sometimes complicated field of dentistry!