Harness The Power Of Past Patient Testimonials - Effectively Attract New Patients

Harness The Power Of Past Patient Testimonials - Effectively Attract New Patients

If you have an online presence for your dental practice you want to get found and most importantly you need to get positive results. The right marketing strategies can ensure you get the new clients, not your competition! Today, video marketing and video testimonials are making ground and fast becoming the ideal way to obtain growth for a new practice. Dental practices are learning that no one can tell their professional story better than their patients themselves!

Now, there is a dramatic difference between traditional patient testimonials and video testimonials growing in popularity. Approximately 85% of new patients have been influenced by past patient testimonials, which clearly demonstrate how effective these testimonials really are. If you’re a dental practice who has never considered using patient testimonials as a marketing tool, consider these benefits:

  • Boosts credibility
  • Allows for a more personal connection with your target audience
  • Improves your reputation and builds trust
  • Offers leverage above your competition

Strategic Marketing That Effectively Targets And Attracts New Patients

Patient testimonials can actually be a dental practice’s best means for effectively attracting new patients. If your goal is to acquire new patients, then past patient satisfaction is a sure way of attracting positive attention. Let’s be very clear here, connecting with the community and reaching out to existing and new patients doesn’t have to be complicated for a reputable dental practice. In fact, positive past patient experiences prove to be one of the best means for expressing how well a practice provides care. This has been shown to drive new patients to action as well, because everyone hopes to gain a great dentist! It’s also relevant to point out that this method is a proven strategy for gaining growth when you’re a new practice.

What appears to be working best for many dental practices is utilizing patient video testimonials as marketing tools. These are far more effective than just the written word. The video testimonial appears to connect on an entirely different level with potential patients. Now, due to the powerful results video marketing provides, businesses in general are turning to visual marketing as an ideal advertorial strategy. Clearly, testimonials are the easiest way of getting that boost your practice needs—if it’s positive that is! It’s also cost efficient, which is always a plus.

Patient Testimonials Simply Build Your Image and Remove Skepticism

 If you utilize your testimonial marketing strategy in the most effective way you’ll remove skepticism that new prospects might have. Because there is no way for these to be salesy at all, they build a level of trust between a dental practice and the potential new patient. Now, what you might not know about marketing testimonials lies in what makes them effective and ineffective.

A dental practice needs more than just positive feedback on their online page. They need testimonials that discuss what services a past patient was totally satisfied with. The tips listed below will help your practice determine how to begin gathering the most efficient testimonials for your dental practice.

  • Choose a testimonial that mentions what was gained or what they felt most satisfied with
  • Go with a testimonial which can connect with others, in other words, one which is colorful in conversation in a positive way
  • Choose testimonials which clearly build your credibility in the dental community
  • Testimonials that compare your dental practice to another and which highlight what makes your practice better is one of the best testimonials to use on a business page

It is simple to gain testimonials from past patients as well. Having something such as an auto responder allows an existing patient, client or customer to leave his or her own feedback for you. Further, a link on your dental site homepage can allow patients to leave their personal response in an easy, timesaving manner as well. However your practice goes about gathering these, the bottom line is to use them to your practice’s advantage! You can certainly grow when you have past patients spreading great experiences about what you and your dental team offer to them.