Dental Product Shopper Case Study -August 2018 I love Amazon. It has been the answer to my aversion and distaste for the shopping scene. Yet, there are still times where online shopping shows limitations. For instance, it is hard to judge the comfort and feel of a mattress without a visit to an old-school brick and mortar establishment. So, despite the convenience of one-click purchasing, sometimes the old ways really are the best ways. It is no different in dentistry. With the incredible pace at which technologies and materials continue to develop, I feel it has become common place to abandon tried-and-true methods that still can get the job done. It is my belief that, at times, we overcomplicate treatment and anguish over which plan is best. We need keep in mind that no matter the challenge, one cannot replace “old school” fundamentals: a good prep paired with a plan that is uniquely designed and executed for that patient equals a good chance for long-term success.
It’s Thursday afternoon, and ALL dental professionals know what that means. A mere three hours stand between you and your precious weekend. This particular day, three hours and an extremely difficult procedure stood in my way. I had to remove a 3 unit zirconia bridge promptly without damaging the remaining tooth structures.
Conservative Excavation of Caries   Download PDF In the days of GV Black dentistry, the watch and wait approach actually had a tremendous amount of merit.  Clinicians, at times, were able to diagnose caries at an early stage; however preparation form for amalgam restorations did not lend themselves to conservative dentistry.  Even if caries were diagnosed at an early stage, a significant amount of tooth structure would need to be removed, simply to retain these restorations.  Over the last decade, numerous technologies have come to market allowing practitioners to discover caries at the early stage, and the practitioner now has the ability to treat this disease through remineralization protocols or minimally invasive surgical intervention. 
What Woodworking has Taught me About Dental Instruments Download PDF As is typical for many independent minded dentist types, I completely ignored his advice and decided to try my hand at making custom pens. It has become a wonderful hobby for me and I love the opportunity to clear my mind as I work on beautiful woods, acrylics, and even Corian (yes the same material they use to make kitchen counters). Working with these materials has taught me a few things about using tools on a rapidly rotating object (which ironically is exactly opposite of what we do in dentistry). 1) The tool must be very sharp in order to be effective.2) A clean tool is a more efficient tool.3) Too much heat can ruin the object.4) Proper protection is essential.5) Sometimes, it costs less to pay more for something.6) If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re liable to end up somewhere else!
Download PDF NeoDiamond burs provide multiuse quality with a single-use price to permit advanced and effective extraction techniques that won’t break the bank. With the preponderance of published data demonstrating compelling reasons to remove teeth as minimally invasively as possible, the burden of finding and utilizing effective methods of traumatic exodontia falls upon the clinician as never before. Clinicians often work in regions with thin plates of bone and thin overlying soft tissue, and a shift in thinking has developed to promote tooth removal procedures that demonstrate a remarkable concern for maintaining perfectly intact facial plates with minimal disruption of papillae or the midfacial zenith of soft tissue.
Case Presentation Dr Jablow’s procedure is a minimally invasive solution to repair a fractured tooth. The tooth was not symptomatic so the patient did not need local anesthesia. Read more about this effective time saving technique. Read the full article at: Dr. Mary Jablow is an active memver of the ADA, NJDA, Middlesedx County Dental Association, and has achieved fellowships in the AGD and International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics.