Download PDF New Carbide Design Enhances Bur Strength Carbide dental burs are subject to rigorous and strenuous forces. These forces are applied when cutting natural teeth and metal crowns, making the burs prone to breakage. Tungsten carbide burs are very hard but they are brittle. Broken burs are not just an interruption to the procedure but present a patient risk. When a bur breaks, there is the potential for the patient to aspirate the broken bur piece. Therefore, minimizing carbide bur breakage is important to me.
  Download PDF The Story of the No Neck Carbide Twelve long years ago, back in 2004, I remember reading a report from the CRA, (now CR) that polled the main frustrations dentists had with carbides. The two that were nearly tied for first were a lack of aggressive cutting and breakage. Then it dawned on me that every single carbide manufacturer, including us, was out there in the trade magazines bragging how fast their carbides cut. I saw the phrase “cuts like butter” misused more times than I can count. “Does butter really cut?” But, amazingly, nobody was talking about reducing breakage!
  Download PDF Technical Brief This new blended neck design is described as the new definition of strength. You see it all too often. You’re in the middle of a complex restorative case and your 557 carbide bur breaks. It’s common and it happens all the time. Well, now you can put that frustration aside by using the new 5572 carbide bur from Microcopy. The5572 easily lives up to its reputation of being the strongest carbide bur on the market today.
Dental Product Shopper Spotlight- July 2018 Strong and durable single-patient-use carbides feature a blended neck design that minimizes breakage and offers sharp, consistent cutting. For some dental products, the magic is in the design. And any design that can eliminate a product’s weakest link is a win for clinicians. That’s certainly the case for Microcopy’s NeoBurr carbide burs. When it comes to dental burs, which aid clinicians in some of the most rigorous procedures, the neck is a prime place for weak points that can lead to bur breakage. But NeoBurr carbides feature a new blended neck design for enhanced durability and strength, effectively eliminating the weakest point on the bur and offering clinicians a break-resistant carbide for even the most demanding of procedures. “THE QUALITY THAT GOES INTO MICROCOPY PRODUCTS IS THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF USING NEOBURR.” John Horn, DDS Read more...