2015 marks 10 years of the best saliva absorbent on the market. Kennesaw, Georgia, August 1, 2015—Microcopy, a leader in the design and development of innovative products for the dental industry, has been providing NeoDrys saliva absorbents to the dental market for over 10 years. Developed to assist dentists and dental hygienists in keeping a dry field when performing routine dental procedures, NeoDrys has become integral during routine procedures like fillings, crowns, cleanings and sealants.
All dental clinicians dream of a dry field. It’s the one thing we must have for a procedure to be successful. How in the world do we maintain a site without saliva? Thankfully, this has become much easier since the ingenious development of Microcopy’s NeoDrys. This simple addition to my tray has revolutionized my most difficult patient situations.Being a dental hygienist, I don’t have the luxury of having an assistant. Neodrys have allowed me to triumphantly and comfortably finish the procedure without repetition. However, they aren’t just for hygienists. Dentists and assistants also love Neodrys because they make the most challenging patient easier to handle. Let me tell you how we accomplish the impossible with the aid of NeoDrys.
By: Nicole Giesey, RDH, MSPTE   It is nice to have a break in your schedule and get the occasional sealant patient. They are definitely a change of pace from the routine cleanings. Some sealant placements go quickly and some become very challenging. When you are tight on time and want to adhere to your schedule, making sure you have the perfect products for the procedure will help not only yourself but your patient as well. There are so many products on the market that can save you money but making sure that you are also utilizing the right product to get the job done efficiently may be worth its weight in gold. If you are using products just because they are a cheap replacement to the more efficient method, it may just end up costing you more in the long-run.
A patient with some medical issues presented in my office for some posterior composite restorations. He’d been on steroids for some time and still had severe swelling of his cheeks. Posterior fillings plus swollen cheeks equal a very difficult time for the patient and me. When he opened his mouth, his occlusal surfaces were completely covered by the inside of his cheeks.