Randal Alexander

Randal Alexander

"Best diamond around for the price!"

"Best diamond burs ever...I could not practice without them!"

"Since using NeoDimond for one use, I get better preps."

"High quality, economically priced burs!"

"I love using a fresh diamond almost as much as I hate dull burs."

"By using the diamonds one time I believe it is less traumatic to the tooth and better for the patient. Microcopy diamonds are great!"


Doug Ferguson

" It is nice to open a fresh bur and go to work with confidence and speed."


Marshall Blum

" A great product! Performs as well or better than diamonds costing 3 to 4 times as much."


Paige Lester

"My cutting efficiency with crown preps has improved since using NeoDiamonds, and I'm spending less money on specialized multi-use burs."


Evan Goodman

"These diamond burs work great! They are my favorite burs."

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