Randal Alexander

Randal Alexander

"Great quality burs for everyday use."

"Previously with other brands I noticed no appreciable difference. NEOSPIRALSwork great...they cut like magic!"

"I have been in practice for 30 years and these are the best diamonds I have ever used. Fast cutting, consistent and economical enough to use a new diamond every time."

"These are by far the best, fastest cutting diamond burs I have ever used! I can't imagine how I ever worked without them."

"Convience of use, always a sharp bur at your disposal and at a very economical cost. "

"I've tried other brands...but always return to NeoDiamond. "


Wayne Kerr DDS

"We appreciate the quality of your effective products which allow us to implement single-use and enjoy the numerous advantages."

"Composites have been turning out much better. I had a tendency to keep diamonds and carbide burs too long. Thanks!"

"Best diamond cutting instrument I have ever used! "

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