Randal Alexander

Randal Alexander

"I love the Interproximal Mosquito Neodiamond bur; very fine tip at a great price! "

"I found the NeoDiamond 1116.8M to be very effective at cutting off Zirconia (LAVA) Crowns."

"Best, by far, of any disposable diamonds we have tried. "

"Using diamonds for removal of amalgam restorations is excellent & eliminates the problem of breakage of carbide steel burs."

"Excellent product! Great price! Keep it up! "

"Excellent product that out performs products many times more expensive. Thanks. "

"Excellent product at an outstanding price. "

"Wonderfully efficient diamond at an incredible price — I'll definitely continue to use NeoDiamond in my practice"

"Great burs, are comparable [to multi-use] even though it's single-use. "

"Your product has generally exceeded expectations and made my work better and easier."

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