Randal Alexander

Randal Alexander

"NeoDiamond — The shape is perfect for ceramic crowns"

"Love the new flame surgery burs! Saves bone for future implant. Perfect marriage of price and quality to not feel bad tossing an inefficient bur and grabbing a NEW one!"


Ana Suarez

"NeoDiamond products are one of the best rotary products on the market."

"We tried another brand last time from another company because the price was just a bit lower. We were not impressed. NeoDiamond is the best. Thank you."

"Like your products and continue to use them. I work in several different offices and have asked them to buy burs, articulating paper, polishing points and more from you. I also continue to buy materials from you as well. Great products. Thanks."


Karl Bohman

"Great Burrs! I am a long-term user of your products. I also appreciate the opportunity to buy direct online. Keep up the great work!"

"We have been using them for 20 years; Not been disappointed."

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