S. Raven

S. Raven


Florence Kraft

"Bite-Chek — great product, we are sold. Plus the product is latex free."


"I started with articulating paper then I added the proximal contact checker and I am looking into burs right now. Microcopy is doing many things really well. I hope to expand our armamentarium with more of your products. Thanks."



Steven Yee DDS

"Film Flaps, (Original), are very soft, yet supportive. Patient comfort is outstanding. Thank you! "


"I work in a pediatric dental office and the Film Flaps, (Original), are great for kids. Many of my patients say they are much more comfortable."


"These Sensor Flaps save time and are very easy to use "


"Our patients are very happy we are switching over from the cardboard stick-on-tabs. Film Flaps, (Original), are much more comfortable!"


"Flaps are very easy, simple, and fast to use. Plus, patients don't gag like they do with other devices."


"I like Sensor Flaps, (Long), so much that I ordered and paid for these personally. Thanks for a great product! "


"I really wish I had thought of this great product."


"NeoDrys are fantastic and are a part of everyday dentistry in my practice!"