S. Raven

S. Raven


Alyssa K. DA

"NeoDrys are an amazing product, patients love how comfortable they are and I love how well they work!"



Albert Sulzer

"NeoDrys are an excellent for cheek protection from rotating bur."


"NeoDrys softer edges do well for kids especially. I love them!"


"I find the use of NEODRYS ReFlective to be very 'Enlightening'. They provide additional reflective illumination while working in the posterior region."


"NeoDrys are great for the tissue, the procedure, the patient and great for me."


"NeoDrys are excellent when accessing 2nd max molars where there is very little space."


"NeoDrys are the greatest asset I have found for doing restorative dentistry in posterior areas."


"I wouldn’t use any other brand. NeoDrys are the standard."



Lois Bell CDA

"NeoDrys do not fall apart like the Dri-Angles do and I can usually do a whole procedure without having to switch them out. Usually I would have to use 2-3 Dri-Angles. Great product!"


"NeoDrys have no substitute - making them an item you simply cannot work without."