S. Raven

S. Raven

"NeoDrys is an excellent product. I know the cheek will never get caught in the drill. Lasts a long time."


"LOVE your NEODRYS! - On my old brand the chrome backing would flake off into my composite restorations. My patients think it is really cool to see the amount of saliva that collects when we remove the NeoDry."


"NeoDrys are best, easiest to use saliva control product I have ever tried."


"We have used NeoDrys exclusively for over a year for dry field control when placing sealants. NeoDrys are our choice because of excellent patient comfort and unparalleled saliva absorption."


"NeoDrys are very convenient on large buccal pad of fat and in restoration of upper posteriors. I also use it in children to guide and control the tongue."


"NeoDrys ReFlective is a "Quantum Leap" in saliva absorbents - Hooray for Microcopy!"


"NeoDrys thinness allows easy access to teeth #2 & #5 and keeps the area dry - cotton rolls & 2x2's too bulky."


"I really appreciate how long NeoDrys last during a procedure before they have to be changed. I can do a cavity prep with one NeoDrys as opposed to 3-4 Dri-Angles."


"NeoDrys is a great product for those difficult procedures requiring dryness and accessibility far back in the oral cavity, without trauma to tissue."


"I'll be honest, the new NeoDrys ReFlective ROCK! The reflective surface increases visualization and patients love the comfort. All my patients say they're great because they don't have that "cotton mouth" feel anymore after a procedure."