S. Raven

S. Raven

"NeoDrys ReFlective is a "Quantum Leap" in saliva absorbents - Hooray for Microcopy!"


"NeoDrys is the best product on the market! There is no 'cotton fluff' attached to the cheek after removal. I have never used a better, easier to use product for moisture control and cheek protection."


"NeoDrys ReFlective is one of the absolute best inventions in the field of dentistry. The addition of the reflective surface on one side greatly improves visibility."



Janic Liao DMD

"I use NeoDrys for all Operative and Crown and Bridge procedures. We call it the protector. It allows me to work fast without fear of nicking the cheek."



Mike Lamb DDS

"NeoDrys is a great product. I am amazed by the amount of fluid absorbed. "



Thanh Chau DDS

"As a dentist, I find using NeoDrys does not just provide a dry space but most importantly is saving time from stopping to suction."


"NeoBurr Max 2 metal cutting carbides are very cost effective and sharp cutting efficiency."


"New fresh NeoBurr NeoMax metal cutting bur makes the day go by with joy."


"I found the NeoBurr metal cutting carbide NeoMax, cuts through crowns with no chatter or vibrations."



J. Schmeda DDS

"NeoBurr NeoMax metal cutting carbides. Very efficient, good quality at a very good price. "