S. Raven

S. Raven

"These NeoBurr CrownKing carbides cut much smoother and quicker than conventional diamond burs during crown preparation."


"NeoBurr CrownKing carbides. Fastest,smoothest cutting bur I have ever used for a crown preparation - and no clogging!"


"The CrownKing burs cut smoother, faster, and with less vibration than any other competitor burs I have tried."


"Now that I've switched to CrownKing Burrs for my preps, I have no desire to use diamonds again!"


"I use all of your products and appreciate the quality and consistent high quality especially of your NeoBurr Finishing carbides."



J. Galli DDS

"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides cut rapidly, smoothly, without generating tooth pain. "



A. Dampf DDS

"The NeoBurr Finishing Carbides cut very nicely and would recommend them with no reservations. "


"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides are good products, reasonable pricing, very friendly staff."



K. Wolf DDS

"Glad I found your NeoBurr Trimming & Finishing burs. Much less expensive than competitor's brand and lasts as long, if not longer."



R. Moseley DDS

"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. These burs are great. They perform every bit as well as those costing more than twice the price."