S. Raven

S. Raven


G. Hart DDS

"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. Smooth cutting, durable (multi-use). Also no corrosion at cutting head-shank interface. A winner!"



J. Forman DDS

"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. Wonderful feel and polish - definitely compares to the excellent finishing burs I have been using!"



Wendy Lu DDS

"Convenient package of sterilized burs. Easy to use."


"Very friendly and capable customer service."


"NeoBurr is the best combination of price and quality available on the market."


"I really like the packaging. The packets are easy to open and I know when I'm running low from the window at the end of the box."


"Price and packaging, quality and cut, all exceeds my expectations."


"I enjoyed making the switch to NeoBurrs and saving money at the same time! "


"Microcopy delivers a very reliable bur that delivers a consistent cut everytime. "



Garrick Lo DDS

"Love the easy ordering and receiving process. Creates less worries. "