"Gazelle — disc is wonderful for cervical edges."

Terrance Criswell, DDS
Marblehead, MA

"Gazelle — great product."

George Ludwig DDS
Metuchen NJ

"We are very pleased with Gazelle! We will be ordering in the future."

Mary Irving DDS
Wichita, KS / 8/3/2016

"With Gazelle, our patients actually could feel a difference on their teeth."

Steven H Kigawa DDS FAGD
Los Angeles, CA / 8/3/2016

"Love the Gazelle points!"

Barbara Kelly DMD
Oakhurst, CA / 10-22-2015

Love the new Gazelle Polisher!

Barbara Kelly DMD
Oakhurst, CA / 10-15-2015
"Gazelle makes an outstanding polish and easy to use."
Pete Richards DDS
"Gazelle is a great product! Holds it's shape, has the right amount of flex, with a mirror finish, all in one sterile package—what's not to like."
Garth Collins DDS
"Gazelle lasts much longer and holds shape better than Enhance."
Steve Mattingly DMD
"I like Gazelle polishers much better than Enhance cup! Good work."
Elegant Dentistry
"Gazelle is a very good product."
Robert Israel DDS
"Gazelle is an excellent product, very satisfied!"
Guillermo Lam DDS
"The Gazelle Hi-Gloss polisher is the best I have seen in 16 years of practice. The gloss is unbelievable."
Dr Sean Grady
"Gazelle is an easy to use system with throw away affordabiltiy. "
Dr Danny Chacko
"Gazelle holds its shape much better than Enhance (Dentsply). "
Dr. Les Rykiss
"Gazelle is much better than Enhance."
Larry Hubbard DDS
"I am impressed with the shine I am able to acheive with every restoration with Gazelle."
Bret Jacobson DDS
" Love Microcopy! Great burs and now greatest composite polishers with Gazelle!!"
Taf Paulson DDS

"Great product; good polish and very durable."

Mark Vermillion DDS