"Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seam satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use."

Robert Marley DDS
Flora IL / 02-10-2017

"Minnow is cost effective and easier to use."

Andrew Stewart DDS
Fredricksburg PA / 1-12-2017
"Minnows are able to get into places a lot of other instruments can’t get into. They have, for lack of a better term, anatomically correct instrumentation, which is a really big help. When I’m using the polishers near the gum line or in between teeth I can get the job done."
Hugh Flax DDS, AACD
Atlanta, GA / 8-1-2016

"They hold up even under pressure. And they just give you this really high sheen without a lot of effort."

Ron Kaminer DDS
Hewlett, NY / 8-15-2016