"Gazelle lasts much longer and holds shape better than Enhance."
Steve Mattingly DMD
"I like Gazelle polishers much better than Enhance cup! Good work."
Elegant Dentistry
"Gazelle is a very good product."
Robert Israel DDS
"Gazelle is an excellent product, very satisfied!"
Guillermo Lam DDS
"The Gazelle Hi-Gloss polisher is the best I have seen in 16 years of practice. The gloss is unbelievable."
Dr Sean Grady
"Gazelle is an easy to use system with throw away affordabiltiy. "
Dr Danny Chacko
"Gazelle holds its shape much better than Enhance (Dentsply). "
Dr. Les Rykiss
"Gazelle is much better than Enhance."
Larry Hubbard DDS
"I am impressed with the shine I am able to acheive with every restoration with Gazelle."
Bret Jacobson DDS
" Love Microcopy! Great burs and now greatest composite polishers with Gazelle!!"
Taf Paulson DDS

"Great product; good polish and very durable."

Mark Vermillion DDS
"NeoDiamond Pit & Fissure is great for 'minimally-invasive-dentistry'. Just the right access for decay removal and delivery of composite restorative material."
Robert Finkel DDS
Duluth, GA / 04-28-2014
"NeoDimond Pit & Fissure is safer for kids than a carbide. Provides excellent tactile feedback with no air abrasion mess."
Scott Ebner DDS
Winter Park, FL / 04-28-2014
"NeoDiamond Pit & Fissure. Finally a tapered disposal diamond to treat hidden cavities in an ultra conservative fashion."
Jeffrey Schechter DDS
Calabasas, CA / 04-28-2014
"NeoDiamond is a good option for diamond burs since they are disposable."
Scott Folsom DMD
"Single-Use burs cut efficiently saving me time and money. "
David Sun DDS
"NeoDiamond is an excellent quality diamond bur. Makes crown preparation a breeze."
Todd Prager DDS
"Your product has generally exceeded expectations and made my work better and easier. "
Theodore Borris DDS
Mt Prospect, IL / 04-28-2014
"Great burs, are comparable [to multi-use] even though it's single-use. "
Sanjay Jagani DDS
Robbinsville, NJ / 04-28-2014
"Wonderfully efficient diamond at an incredible price — I'll definitely continue to use NeoDiamond in my practice"
William Daggett DDS
Tucson, AZ / 04-28-2014
"Excellent product at an outstanding price. "
J Alex Bell DDS
Warner Robins, GA / 04-28-2014
"Excellent product that out performs products many times more expensive. Thanks. "
Mike Schultz DDS W
St. Paul, MN / 04-28-2014
"Excellent product! Great price! Keep it up! "
David Caldwell DDS
Bartlett, TN / 04-28-2014
"Using diamonds for removal of amalgam restorations is excellent & eliminates the problem of breakage of carbide steel burs."
David Levine DMD
Hauppauge, NY / 04-28-2014
"Best, by far, of any disposable diamonds we have tried. "
David Strack DDS
Sandusky, OH / 04-28-2014
"I found the NeoDiamond 1116.8M to be very effective at cutting off Zirconia (LAVA) Crowns."
Anthony Sturniolo DDS
Lancaster, NY / 04-28-2014
"Your product has surpassed all claims - I am very pleased. "
Jerry Benis DDS
Columbus, OH / 04-28-2014
"I love the Interproximal Mosquito Neodiamond bur; very fine tip at a great price! "
Madelon Murphy DMD PC
Croton, NY / 04-28-2014
"Best diamond cutting instrument I have ever used! "
Mike Malone, DDS
Lafayette, LA / 04-28-2014
"Composites have been turning out much better. I had a tendency to keep diamonds and carbide burs too long. Thanks!"
Paul Shoberg DDS
Appleton, WI / 04-28-2014