"We appreciate the quality of your effective products which allow us to implement single-use and enjoy the numerous advantages."
Wayne Kerr DDS
Conyers, GA / 04-28-2014
"I've tried other brands...but always return to NeoDiamond. "
Edward Berger DMD
Atlanta, GA / 04-28-2014
"Convience of use, always a sharp bur at your disposal and at a very economical cost. "
Paul A. Taiclet DMD
Sewickley, PA / 04-28-2014
"These are by far the best, fastest cutting diamond burs I have ever used! I can't imagine how I ever worked without them."
Edward Witek DDS
Uniontown, PA / 04-28-2014
"Great bang-for-the-buck! – Performance is no different in comparison to burs that cost 2-3 times as much."
Piotr Trojan DDS
Chicago, IL / 04-28-2014
"I have been in practice for 30 years and these are the best diamonds I have ever used. Fast cutting, consistent and economical enough to use a new diamond every time."
J.R. Tallbacka DDS
Pompano Beach, FL / 04-28-2014
"Previously with other brands I noticed no appreciable difference. NEOSPIRALSwork great...they cut like magic!"
Benjamin Lee DDS
Westford, MA / 04-28-2014
"Great quality burs for everyday use."
M. Foroohar DDS
"These diamond burs work great! They are my favorite burs."
Evan Goodman
"My cutting efficiency with crown preps has improved since using NeoDiamonds, and I'm spending less money on specialized multi-use burs."
Paige Lester
" A great product! Performs as well or better than diamonds costing 3 to 4 times as much."
Marshall Blum
" It is nice to open a fresh bur and go to work with confidence and speed."
Doug Ferguson
"By using the diamonds one time I believe it is less traumatic to the tooth and better for the patient. Microcopy diamonds are great!"
Brandley Parker DDS
"I love using a fresh diamond almost as much as I hate dull burs."
Andrew Sackser DDS
"High quality, economically priced burs!"
Amita Raval DDS

"Since using NeoDimond for one use, I get better preps."

Giedraj Matas, DDS
"Best diamond burs ever...I could not practice without them!"
Todd Chastain DMD
"Best diamond around for the price!"
Kevin Maloney DDS
Hamilton, OH / 04-28-2014
"I really like the sterile packaging and easy to dispense."
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