"Bite-Chek reaches posterior and anterior. Great for occlusal guards."

Shellie Reagan DDS
Spring, TX / 8/3/2016
"Minnows are able to get into places a lot of other instruments can’t get into. They have, for lack of a better term, anatomically correct instrumentation, which is a really big help. When I’m using the polishers near the gum line or in between teeth I can get the job done."
Hugh Flax DDS, AACD
Atlanta, GA / 8-1-2016

"They hold up even under pressure. And they just give you this really high sheen without a lot of effort."

Ron Kaminer DDS
Hewlett, NY / 8-15-2016

"The 5572 blended neck bur is on average 50% stronger than the conpetitive lines. That's reason enough to try this bur in your practice"

Marty Jablow DMD
Woodbridge, NJ / 2-1-2016

"Best bur I've seen in a long time."

John Comisi DDS
Ithaca, NY / 5-18-2016

"No breakage — WOW!"

Laura Braswell DDS
Atlanta, GA / 5-18-2016

"I highly recommend NeoDiamond burs for its quality and its reasonable price."

Vicenta Claudio DDS
San Jose, CA / 10-22-2015

"Now that I've switched to CrownKing Burrs for my preps, I have no desire to use diamonds again!"

Hudson Family Dental
Owatonna, MN / 10-22-2015

"Love the Gazelle points!"

Barbara Kelly DMD
Oakhurst, CA / 10-22-2015

"As a dentist, I find using NeoDrys does not just provide a dry space but most importantly is saving time from stopping to suction."

Thanh Chau DDS
Los Altos, CA / 10-19-2015

"NeoDiamonds seem very sharp without chatter."

Thomas Geoghegan DMD
Duluth, GA / 10-19-2015

"Liked the product. Very convenient."

Michael C Seastrom DDS
Tarzana CA / 9/4/2015

"Great product. Really nice, marks well."

Winchester Dental
Winchester MA / 9/4/2015

"Very satified. Good job!"

Joowon Suh DDS
Lansing MI / 9/4/2015

"I really wish I had thought of this great product."

Michael Call DDS
Saginaw, MI / 9/4/2015

"Combining excellent cutting ability with reasonable price makes this a can't lose situation."

Carla Schlissel
West Islip, NY / 02/15/2016

Love the new Gazelle Polisher!

Barbara Kelly DMD
Oakhurst, CA / 10-15-2015

"Love Bite-Chek. Love the built-in handle. Great Price!"

Ansley Deff DMD
"Bite-Chek is a wonderful new product. It has simplified articulation immensely!"
Robert S King DDS
"Bite-Chek has good quality marking on all surfaces wet or dry."
Allan D Schulman DDS
"Bite-Chek is a "why didn't I think of that?" product. It is a simple solution executed to perfection. Congrats!"
Dental Arts of Sunset
"Bite-Chek is great for quick occlusal issue checking. Doesn't require forceps and thin film. I like that the tooth can be wet."
Carol Follette DDS
"I like Sensor Flaps, (Long), so much that I ordered and paid for these personally. Thanks for a great product! "
Jana Fisher RDH
Witcha Falls, TX / 04-28-2014
"Flaps are very easy, simple, and fast to use. Plus, patients don't gag like they do with other devices."
Tamara Simac RDA
San Pedro, CA / 04-28-2014
"Our patients are very happy we are switching over from the cardboard stick-on-tabs. Film Flaps, (Original), are much more comfortable!"
Stacey Nichols RDA
Newman, CA / 04-28-2014
"These Sensor Flaps save time and are very easy to use "
Monica Foley DDS
Bellingham, WA / 04-28-2014
"I work in a pediatric dental office and the Film Flaps, (Original), are great for kids. Many of my patients say they are much more comfortable."
Pam Melollon RDH
Waukesha, WI / 04-28-2014
"Film Flaps, (Original), are very soft, yet supportive. Patient comfort is outstanding. Thank you! "
Steven Yee DDS
Flemington, NJ / 04-28-2014

"NeoDrys is a great product. I am amazed by the amount of fluid absorbed. "

Mike Lamb DDS
"I use NeoDrys for all Operative and Crown and Bridge procedures. We call it the protector. It allows me to work fast without fear of nicking the cheek."
Janic Liao DMD
Dublin, CA / 04-28-2014