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Tom Million

Dr. Tom Million,

"Great diamonds, love the coarse grits to get it done. Switch to smooth walls, prep."






"Can't work without 1812.8m, it's my go to diamond."

Norma Cortez

Dr. Norma Cortez,

"I bought a practice in 2015. I thought that the delivery system was slow, so I bought new handpieces. They still didn’t have the power I needed. I decided to switch burs after going to a convention and trying neodiamond. Night and day of a difference. Never going back!"



"Been using NeoDiamonds for over 24 years, love them have very consistent over the years. Never had a failure. Always had good dealings with your company."

L King Scott

Dr. L King Scott,

"Been using Microscopy diamonds since the last century! Thanks for making my life better!"




richard shapiro

Dr. richard shapiro,

"I have been using neo diamonds for years, I am very happy with them. I had a huge inventory of them and I bought a friends practice and he had an inventory like mine. We both love them. I find they work as well as the more expensive diamonds"

Keon-Jung Kim

Dr. Keon-Jung Kim,

"When it comes to burs, I have always and will always go with Microcopy for the finest quality. There’s a reason for being loyal to the same brand for over 20 years and that’s the dependable quality you get with Neodiamonds."

David Schwartz

Dr. David Schwartz,

"Use them all day long.....what else is there to say.....they are as revolutionary as UBer"

stephen mackiw

Dr. stephen mackiw,

"I love Microcopy ! Great company as are the NeoDiamonds !"

Andrew Welkie

Dr. Andrew Welkie,

"great product at a great price"

Heather Siler

Mrs. Heather Siler,

"I vividly remember one of the very first trade shows I attended with Microcopy in Anaheim, CA. It was so exciting to be in the trade show hall, our absolute busiest show of the year and a steady stream of customers coming to our booth to place orders. I will never forget this customer that I assisted. She pulled 25 different diamond burs out of Microcopy's bur display. She then handed the burs to me and asked for a pack of 25, one of each of those burs. She was in a rush to get to a class so she put the burs in my hand and said she would be back to place the formal order after class. Sadly when she returned to the booth I had to inform her that a 25 pack contained 25 burs in one shape. I remember it being a very stressful situation at the time. To say that we are always on our toes at the shows is an understatement! I have always enjoyed hearing all the customers rave about how much they LOVE NeoDiamond!"

Jeffrey Bilotti

Dr. Jeffrey Bilotti,

"I have been using Neo diamonds for Years. Best disposable I've ever used."

Marshall Dicker

Dr. Marshall Dicker,

"It is so nice to be able to start every procedure with a new diamond Bur ... It does make a difference in the work and efficiency"

Travis Roberts

Dr. Travis Roberts,

"I like your single use diamonds. I will use them several times before I discard them"

Gary Bratman

Dr. Gary Bratman,

"Big fan of NeoDiamond. Microcopy rules. Reliable, with excellent results. Thanks for providing great service and product."

Peter Carroll

Dr. Peter Carroll,

"Went to CE course and was given a sample pack. I haven't bought another brand since then. Great value & performance!"

Smita Sabharwal

Dr. Smita Sabharwal,

"I recently switched to using Neodiamonds-the best single use diamond on the market. It's my go-to burr every time!"



"good diamond s and burs"

yuchi chung

Dr. yuchi chung,

"single use, clean, good cutting and precise fit."

Barb Lincoln

Ms. Barb Lincoln,

"As a marketing manager at Microcopy, I have been involved in the design of the NeoDiamond packaging and brochures for many years. It has been a great experience to go to conventions and hear from our doctors how important NeoDiamond has been to their practice. I am proud to be a part of a product that has such high quality and performance."

Joan Pino

Dr. Joan Pino,

"MICROCOPY makes my life better & easier, my preparations are faster & very accurate..!!!"

Matthew Horn

Dr. Matthew Horn,

"Most reliable daimond instruments cut through zirconia better than any other"

joel swartz

Mr. joel swartz,

"This is interesting, my dentist knew of my work and had a few used NeoDiamond tools he shared with me. I used this fine tool to help shape my new Jaw Harp. Even though he said it wasn't sharp enough for his use It worked very well for me. Since then I have used it on a number of non-tooth uses and it performs quite well. I thank you for making such fine tools, esp. for a second like I did."

Emily Brayman

Ms. Emily Brayman,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond"

Mitchell Parke

Mr. Mitchell Parke,

"To be honest, I was around 7 or 8 years old when I was first introduced to NeoDiamond. The ladies in Microcopy’s shipping department entertained my brothers and I by having us count unused diamonds and carbides the first time we visited my dad, Perry Parke, and uncle, Thom Maass, at work. I remember my brothers and I poking each other with the diamonds and carbides. We all thought we could capitalize and get rich on the small amount of diamond grit on the bur and we all wanted samples to take home to play with. At that point in my life I never would have thought that I would be working at Microcopy years later, selling NeoDiamond. As an adult I now realize the impact NeoDiamond has had on dentistry, being the market leader and pioneer of Single-Patient-Use for 30 years, since 1989."

Revi & Mitchell

Revi & Mitchell,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond"

Karey Kusuhara

Dr. Karey Kusuhara,

"Like convenience of using box as a dispenser - just tear off a new one!"

Tuan Nguyen

Dr. Tuan Nguyen,

"Great dependable products."

Revi , Ryan & Taylor

Revi , Ryan & Taylor,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Klavdiya Kyrdan

Dr. Klavdiya Kyrdan,

"Your product is great! We are using your diamond burs on every patient. Thank you guys for good products!!"

CDA Anaheim

CDA Anaheim,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Nina Madavi

Dr. Nina Madavi,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Verenice Ramirez

Verenice Ramirez,

"Love how Microcopy products make my job easier! Awesome products!"

Melissa Chope

Melissa Chope,

"I love the Proxi-Chek for making crown cementations so much easier!” “Love how Microcopy products make my job easier. Awesome products!"

Shawna Omid

Dr. Shawna Omid,

"Fantastic quality, wonderful price!"

Aaron Paz

Dr. Aaron Paz,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Rich Wheatfill

Dr. Rich Wheatfill,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Brian Danielsson

Dr. Brian Danielsson,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Brian Danielsson

Dr. Brian Danielsson,

"Use it daily on every patient! Great product!"

Marcelo Romero-Shu

Dr. Marcelo Romero-Shu,

"If you are looking for fantastic burs at very competitive pricing look no further, this is what you are looking for!"

Yvonne Shu Rodriguez

Dr. Yvonne Shu Rodriguez,

"I have been using these excellent burs for over 20 years! An awesome product. Very reliable."

Ronald Strauss

Dr. Ronald Strauss,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Microcopy CDA Anaheim Team

Microcopy CDA Anaheim Team,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Revi Jackson

Mrs. Revi Jackson,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond #30years"

Max Swancutt

Dr. Max Swancutt,

"Great products!"

Eugh Shibasaki

Dr. Eugh Shibasaki,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #i❤️neodiamond"

Microcopy CDA Anaheim

Microcopy CDA Anaheim,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #i❤️neodiamond"

Microcopy CDA Team

Microcopy CDA Team,

"We love NeoDiamond!!"

Thomas Tran

Dr. Thomas Tran,

"What! 30 already?!"

Jeff McDermott

Dr. Jeff McDermott,

"A Microcopy customer for over 30 years. 30 years says it all!"

Koreina B.

Ms. Koreina B.,

"I love NeoDiamond!"

Leslie Lopez

Ms. Leslie Lopez,

"“NeoDiamonds are my favorite!”"

Teresa Le

Ms. Teresa Le,

"#MyNeoDiamondStory #NeoDiamond #SPU #Microcopy #BestDiamonds #I❤️NeoDiamond"

Shuchita Gupta

Ms. Shuchita Gupta,

"“Can’t use any other diamond burs since I started using NeoDiamond 10 years ago. The best diamond burs!”"

Eleanor Lumaba

Ms. Eleanor Lumaba,

"Love the product. I couldn’t practice without NeoDiamonds."

Marla Saguin

Ms. Marla Saguin,

"“I cannot live and do my profession without NeoDrys! NeoDrys make life easier!”"

Mitchell Parke

Mr. Mitchell Parke,

"#myneodiamondstory #spu #Microcopy #bestdiamonds #i❤️NeoDiamond"

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