Mrs. Heather Siler,

"I vividly remember one of the very first trade shows I attended with Microcopy in Anaheim, CA. It was so exciting to be in the trade show hall, our absolute busiest show of the year and a steady stream of customers coming to our booth to place orders. I will never forget this customer that I assisted. She pulled 25 different diamond burs out of Microcopy's bur display. She then handed the burs to me and asked for a pack of 25, one of each of those burs. She was in a rush to get to a class so she put the burs in my hand and said she would be back to place the formal order after class. Sadly when she returned to the booth I had to inform her that a 25 pack contained 25 burs in one shape. I remember it being a very stressful situation at the time. To say that we are always on our toes at the shows is an understatement! I have always enjoyed hearing all the customers rave about how much they LOVE NeoDiamond!"