Dr. Sherwood Tucker,

"I will never forget the "incident"! How could I? There it was, plain for all to see and gone in an instant thanks to my assistants fast reflexes and her trusty HVE. Of course there was no denying it: the darn diamond I had been using had snapped off at the neck! I had been prepping a crown and because of one problem or another had been trying diamonds from different companies. The cheap ones, the multi-use expensive ones, any diamond I could find in pursuit of a diamond with which I could have confidence. It seemed they all had one problem or another. In any case, my assistant suggested that I use the diamond she had obtained as a sample and just through it in the drawer. As she loaded it in the high speed, I remember thinking it was probably a waste of time and would result in more disappointment. Oh well, I thought, and back to work I went finishing the prep. A few minutes later, we were finished and after the patient left, I sat there thinking about what just happened. I commended her for "saving the day" and asked what kind of diamond she had stuck in the hand piece. She laughed and said she had no idea and that it was a sample she had ordered a while back. I looked at the small package and saw the letters spelled out Microcopy, a diamond I had heard of but had never used before. I remembered Microcopy diamonds were single use, a concept I liked as the multi-use diamonds seemed to always corrode and weaken plus even though I knew they multi-use diamonds could be sterilized, I liked the idea, for patient safety, of single use anything. That night I went to Microcopy's website and as I looked around I was amazes at the many shapes and sizes and, of course, the price. I remember wondering how the cost could be so low and if so, how would they hold up? However I decided to give them a real test and next day ordered several different shapes and sizes. As it turns out, when I started using Microcopy diamonds, I remember trying to "test" them to see if I could find something I did not like. That, however, turned out to be a waste of time as each new diamond was an exact copy of the one before. In addition, my assistant loved them because when we were finished she would just dispose of them and not have to worry about sterilizing them. The KS-1 and KS-2 became my favorite "go-to" diamonds and I always keep a supply of them on hand knowing they will never became out-dated with each being sealed in it's own package. Yep, it might be said I am a devoted user of Micro-copy and because their quality control is excellent will never change. By the way, I recently have been trying Microcopy carbide burs and found the to be excellent. This makes it so much easier when we order because both the diamonds and the burs come from the same company. I now work with other dentists and after they started "borrowing" my diamonds. we all have switched to Microcopy diamonds and burs. This has made the process of creating a PO much easier and another very happy assistant. My final thought is that every dentist should not take my word for it but to try Microcopy and see how they can help their practice to be more efficient and have one less thing to worry about."