Dr. Hillary Roberts,

"The students at my school had an unlimited supply of single use diamond crown prepping burs. My first year in the real word, the small office I worked for only stocked multi-use burs. For the first 6 months I struggled more with prepping crowns than I ever had in school. The dull burs, full of white debris, sometimes with visible rust, wouldn't cut well. Using these felt like driving in mud. The impact it had on my self confidence as a dentist, and frankly the teams loss of confidence in my skills, was earth shattering. I had never once doubted my ability to do great dentistry in school - yet here I was struggling to create a smooth margin and maintain proper taper. Then one fateful day I received and email from Microcopy for single use burs. After copious research I discovered the vast benefits of using one bur per patient. I begged and pleaded with my ordering assistant for months to get some 016 chamfers (the same I used in school). Finally she relented and ordered a few boxes. My crown preps went from awful scraggly nubs that took 2 hours to beautiful sculptures that only took 30-40 minutes over night. My confidence improved, my patients were happier, and my primary assistant noticed right away the quality improvement. Since this first job I have worked in two other offices. Both times they asked that I try their materials for 3 months. The same struggles ensue. Finally we order these wonderful 016 chamfers. The quality of my work improves immediately and my assistants have an easier time with the temporaries. Suddenly the lab is very happy with my work. Life is good again. I'm heading off to another job, hopefully for a long time. They are eco-conscious and tend to shy away from single-use burs. I'm hoping we can find a way to use these great burs, give out patients the best results, and still be ecologically conscious. Wish me luck!!"