"Love your products. Appreciate you making new products and introducing them to the market."

Paul Babakhanof
Palmdale, CA / 7/17/2019

"Great products and continue to bring new products to market."

Brent Robinson
Saginaw, TX

"Excellent burs, very smart to allow samples. This order was influenced by the many samples from Microcopy. You have earned my business"

Stephen Forrest
Clive, IA / 5/8/2019

"We have been using them for 20 years; Not been disappointed."

Carol O'Brien DDS
University Place, WA / 5/7/2019

"I started with articulating paper then I added the proximal contact checker and I am looking into burs right now. Microcopy is doing many things really well. I hope to expand our armamentarium with more of your products. Thanks."

Julio Rodriguez, DDS
Miami, FL / 3/25/2019

"Great Burrs! I am a long-term user of your products. I also appreciate the opportunity to buy direct online. Keep up the great work!"

Karl Bohman
Chandler, AZ / 3/1/2019

"Like your products and continue to use them. I work in several different offices and have asked them to buy burs, articulating paper, polishing points and more from you. I also continue to buy materials from you as well. Great products. Thanks."

Eric Shapira DDS
Ramona, CA / 1-25-2019

"We tried another brand last time from another company because the price was just a bit lower. We were not impressed. NeoDiamond is the best. Thank you."

Jamie Green DDS
Sarartoga Springs, NY / Jan 7 2019

"Saves time when fitting prosthesis by simplifying adjustments."

Parag Kachalia DDS
San Ramon / 10/20/2018

"Proxi-Chek is a nice handy tool to have when doing a large bridge to find a specifi occlusion error. Also nice when checking occlusion on partials."

Marie Albano DDS
Lakewood, OH / 11/20/2018

"Very simple and elegant product to locate tight contact areas. Not messyy like sprays and more accurate than using floss."

Philip Rader DDS
Hixson, TN / 11/20/2018

"Simple, accurate, easy and efficient method to check and adjust interproximal contacts prior to seating an indirect restoration."

Jeff Bilotti
Jacksonville, FL / 11/20/2018

"NeoDiamond products are one of the best rotary products on the market."

Ana Suarez
Yonkers, NY / 8/9/2018

"Love the new flame surgery burs! Saves bone for future implant. Perfect marriage of price and quality to not feel bad tossing an inefficient bur and grabbing a NEW one!"

Danna Brockingston, DDS
Acworth, GA / 1-19-2018

“Wonderful product that is reasonably priced.”

Stan Heiner DDS
Modesto, CA / 10/11/2017

"Gazelle — disc is wonderful for cervical edges."

Terrance Criswell, DDS
Marblehead, MA

"Bite-Chek — great product, we are sold. Plus the product is latex free."

Florence Kraft
Wausau, WI

"NeoDiamond — The shape is perfect for ceramic crowns"

David Klekamp DDS
Denver, CO

"NeoBurr — awesome bur, doesn’t break!"

Laura Braswell DDS
Atlanta, GA

"Gazelle — great product."

George Ludwig DDS
Metuchen NJ

"NeoDiamond, combining excellent cutting ability with reasonable price makes this a can’t lose situation."

Carla Schlüssel DS
Metuchen NJ

"Bite-Chek, we love them, thank you."

Steven Banks DDS
Amarillo, TX

"NeoDiamond is the best prep diamonds by far for crown preparation."

Don Gage DDS
Sedona AZ / 5/15/2017

"Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seam satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use."

Robert Marley DDS
Flora IL / 02-10-2017

"NeoBurr, great bur — dosen’t vibrate the handpiece which helps keep the turbines good."

Andrew Stewart DDS
Sun Lakes, AZ / 2-10-2017

"Minnow is cost effective and easier to use."

Andrew Stewart DDS
Fredricksburg PA / 1-12-2017

"We are very pleased with Gazelle! We will be ordering in the future."

Mary Irving DDS
Wichita, KS / 8/3/2016

"With Gazelle, our patients actually could feel a difference on their teeth."

Steven H Kigawa DDS FAGD
Los Angeles, CA / 8/3/2016

"Happy with NeoDiamond, good quality product at reasonable cost with good selection of shapes and grits."

John Licking DDS
Sunnyvale, CA / 8/3/2016

"Bite-Chek is so simple-wish I had thought of it!"

Gary G. Lott DDS
Alva, OK / 8/3/2016