ShapePart #CategoryFamilyHead LgthHead DiaOAL
FG 1/4OperativeRound0.40.519
FG 1/2OperativeRound0.50.619
RA 1/2OperativeRound0.50.622
FG 1OperativeRound0.70.819
RA 1OperativeRound0.70.822
FG 2OperativeRound0.8119
RA 2OperativeRound0.8122
FG 4OperativeRound1.11.419
RA 4OperativeRound1.11.422
FG 6OperativeRound1.61.819
RA 6OperativeRound1.61.822
FG 8OperativeRound1.92.319
RA 8OperativeRound1.92.322
FG 33 1/2OperativeInverted Cone0.50.619
FG 34OperativeInverted Cone0.60.819
RA 34OperativeInverted Cone0.60.822
FG 35OperativeInverted Cone0.8119
FG 35 SSOperativeInverted Cone0.8116.5
RA 35OperativeInverted Cone0.8122
FG 36OperativeInverted Cone11.219
FG 37OperativeInverted Cone1.11.419
FG 56OperativeStraight Fissure3.20.819
FG 56 SSOperativeStraight Fissure3.20.816.5
FG 57OperativeStraight Fissure3.8119
FG 57 SSOperativeStraight Fissure3.8116.5
FG 58OperativeStraight Fissure3.81.219
FG 169OperativeTapered Fissure3.40.919
FG 169 LOperativeTapered Fissure4.90.920.5
FG 170OperativeTapered Fissure3.8119
FG 170 LOperativeTapered Fissure4.9120.5
FG 245OperativeAmalgam Prep2.80.919
FG 245 SSOperativeAmalgam Prep2.80.916.5
FG 329OperativePear1.90.619
FG 330OperativePear1.90.819
FG 330 SSOperativePear1.90.816.5
FG 331OperativePear1.8119
FG 331 SSOperativePear1.8116.5
FG 331LOperativePear3.7119
FG 332OperativePear21.219
FG 556OperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut3.20.819
FG 556 SSOperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut3.20.816.5
FG 557OperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut3.8119
FG 557SSOperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut3.8116.5
FG 557LOperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut4.9120.5
FG 558OperativeStraight Fissure Crosscut3.81.219
FG 699OperativeTapered Fissure Crosscut3.40.919
FG 700OperativeTapered Fissure Crosscut3.8119
FG 701OperativeTapered Fissure Crosscut3.81.219
FG 701 LOperativeTapered Fissure Crosscut4.91.220.5
FG 702OperativeTapered Fissure Crosscut4.31.619
FG 1171OperativeRound End Fissure3.81.219
FG 1156OperativeRound End Fissure3.20.819
FG 1157OperativeRound End Fissure3.8119
FG 1157 SSOperativeRound End Fissure3.8116.5
FG 1158OperativeRound End Fissure3.81.219
FG 1556OperativeRound End Fissure Crosscut3.20.819
FG 1557OperativeRound End Fissure Crosscut3.8119
FG 1557 SSOperativeRound End Fissure Crosscut3.8116.5
FG 1558OperativeRound End Fissure Crosscut3.81.219
FGSL 1/2Surgical LengthRound0.50.625
FGSL 1Surgical LengthRound0.70.825
FGSL 2Surgical LengthRound0.8125
RASL 2Surgical LengthRound0.50.626
FGSL 4Surgical LengthRound1.11.425
RASL 4Surgical LengthRound1.11.426
FGSL 6Surgical LengthRound1.61.825
RASL 6Surgical LengthRound1.61.826
FGSL 8Surgical LengthRound1.92.325
RASL 8Surgical LengthRound1.92.326
FGSL 557Surgical LengthStraight Fissure Crosscut3.8125
FGSL 558Surgical LengthStraight Fissure Crosscut3.81.225
FGSL 701Surgical LengthTapered Fissure Crosscut3.81.225
FGSL 702Surgical LengthTapered Fissure Crosscut4.31.625
MAX 1Metal CuttersNeoMax1.9119
MAX 2Metal CuttersNeoMax41.219
CK 85616CrownKingRound End Tapered8.21.620.3
CK 85618CrownKingRound End Tapered8.31.720.4
CK 84716CrownKingFlat End Tapered8.21.620.3
CK 37923CrownKingFootball (Egg)4.42.319
EF 3Esthetic FinishersEF-Series30.823
EF4Esthetic FinishersEF-Series4.2120.5
EF 6Esthetic FinishersEF-Series61.421
EF 9Esthetic FinishersEF-Series91.424
OS 1Esthetic FinishersEgg 4.32.319
OS 2Esthetic FinishersBullet3.20.920.5
OS3Esthetic FinishersBullet3.20.720.5
700612-Blade FinishingRound1.61.819
710412-Blade FinishingFlame3.41.419
710612-Blade FinishingFlame3.71.819
H27412-Blade FinishingFlame3.51.619
H48L1012-Blade FinishingFlame8122
H48L1212-Blade FinishingFlame81.222.1
740412-Blade FinishingEgg 3.31.419
740612-Blade FinishingEgg 3.41.819
740812-Blade FinishingEgg 3.92.319
764212-Blade FinishingLong Taper7121
766412-Blade FinishingLong Taper8.21.523
767512-Blade FinishingLong Taper81.622
780212-Blade FinishingBullet3.4120.5
780312-Blade FinishingBullet3.41.220.5
790112-Blade FinishingNeedle3.60.920.5
790212-Blade FinishingNeedle3.6120.5
790312-Blade FinishingNeedle3.61.220.5
EF9UF30-Blade Trimming-FinishingEsthetic Finishing91.424
9103UF30-Blade Trimming-FinishingInterpoximal3.61.219
9214UF30-Blade Trimming-FinishingPointed Taper5.6122
9406UF30-Blade Trimming-FinishingEgg 3.41.819
9903UF30-Blade Trimming-FinishingNeedle5.51.221
151ZSurgical 151Z111.623
151LZSurgical 151Z111.628
152Surgical Endo Access91.623
162Surgical Lindemann Crosscut101.625
161Surgical Lindemann Straight101.625
HP 2HP Oral SurgeryRound0.8144.5
HP 4HP Oral SurgeryRound1.11.444.5
HP 6HP Oral SurgeryRound1.61.844.5
HP 8HP Oral SurgeryRound1.92.344.5
HP 1557HP Oral SurgeryRound Fissure Crosscut3.8144.5
HP 1702HP Oral SurgeryRound Tapered Fissure Crosscut4.31.644.5
HP 1703HP Oral SurgeryRound Tapered Fissure Crosscut4.92.144.5
HP 1703 LHP Oral SurgeryRound Tapered Fissure Crosscut6.92.144.5
HP 557HP Oral SurgeryStraight Fissure Crosscut3.8144.5
HP 701HP Oral SurgeryTapered Fissure Crosscut3.81.244.5
HP 702HP Oral SurgeryTapered Fissure Crosscut4.31.644.5
HP 703HP Oral SurgeryTapered Fissure Crosscut4.92.144.5

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