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Highest rated, best performing, single-patient-use diamond.

20% more cutting surface, tips cut clear crisp margins.

Multi-Use Quality/Single-Use Price

Faster cut results in less chairtime.

No Questions Asked Guarantee.



Green Header on Chart | 011M-1923F | $1.85 per diamond = $46.25 | 25 per pack

Yellow Header on Chart | 2035C - 3923VF | $2.60 per diamond = $65.00 | 25 per pack

Purple Header on Chart | 8114.8C -8923C | $3.65 per diamond = $91.25 | 25 per pack

Blue Header on Chart | 5012M - 7005M | $4.15 per diamond = $41.50 | 10 per pack

Red Header on Chart | GP9.016C - E164.014LC | $6.10 per diamond = $61.00| 10 per pack


Faster Cut, Less Chairtime
Advanced Triton® bonding technology fastens diamonds to the shank with superior hardness and maximum longevity enabling NeoDiamond to expose 20% more diamond cutting surface than competitor's plated burs. With this technology, NeoDiamond tips cut crisp clear margins.


XactFit® Shank for a Secure Fit
NeoDiamond's Swiss-made shank is made with integrity from heat-treated stainless steel, maintaining the strictest tolerances on shank diameter in the industry (shank = 1.597 mm  +.001, –.005).


Sterilized for Safety & Convenience
Each NeoDiamond is individually wrapped and visible through a clear and white poly packet — identified by diamond number, shape description and grit size.


Excellent Quality, Economical Diamonds
Advanced technology makes NeoDiamond a premium quality instrument that is also economical. Performance is comparable to the most expensive multi-use diamonds — but there are advantages to disposing after one use.

Fresh, fast cutting first time—every time.
Freedom from cleaning and maintaining used diamonds.
Affordable price
eliminates the need to recoup expense by reusing expensive diamonds.
Effective patient-to-patient infection control.
Highest rated & best performing single-use diamond by an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation.


Quick Grit ID with color bands on shanks
Coarse-Black 150 µ / Green 130 µ
Medium-Blue 100 -110 µ
Fine-Red 50 µ
Very Fine-Yellow 30 µ



Technical advantages of single-use burs can be found in the following articles:

vCJD and the Cleanability of endodontic files

Are Routine Sterilization Procedures Effective?

Resterilization of Instruments

Infection Control Made Simple

Single-use Medical Devices

Decontamination of Dental Burs

Reusing disposable items: saving money or risking cross-contamination?


Recommended NeoDiamond Shapes for Crown & Bridge Preparations.

Highest Rated Zirconia Cutter
Rated as best cutting and lowest cost for Zirconia crown removal by an independent research test of 14 competitive burs. Select grit ensures smooth, efficient performance.



Chamfer Preparations
Chamfers are the preferred preparation for Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crowns. Restorative material brands include Captek®, In-Ceram® and Wol-Ceram.®



Modified Chamfer Preparations
Modified Chamfers are the preferred preparation for CAD/CAM alumina based crowns. Restorative material brands include Procera® and Sirona Cerec inLab®.



Shoulder Preparations
Shoulders are the preferred preparation for full porcelain crowns. A flat-end taper diamond creates a shoulder with a sharp internal angle. This finish line can be modified to a chamfer or bevel, or refined with end-cutting diamonds.



Modified Shoulder Preparations
Modified shoulders, with a rounded internal angle, are the preferred preparations for the following types of full coverage crowns and bridges:

1)    Pressable ceramic (IPS Eris®,  IPS Empress®, OPC®, Finesse,® All-Ceramic®, Authentic®).
2)    Zirconia-based (Cercon®, Lava®, Everst®,  DCS Smart Fit®).
3)    Fiber-reinforced or composite-based  (Belleglass HP®, Sculpture/FibreKor®, ArtGlass®, Targis/Vectris®).



Recommended Shapes for Today's Popular Esthetic Procedures.

Veneer Preparations

Prepare and finish repeatable, predictable esthetic laminate veneers. Using selected NeoDiamond shapes, clinicians are provided an excellent method of consistently following fundamental preparation protocols for adequate space and proper marginal placement for quality restorations.



Cerec® Preparations
Produce simple, consistent tooth preparations that conform to specific guidelines of the Cerec CAD/CAM system, using selected NeoDiamond shapes. Create proper anatomical occlusal morphology—essential for excellent Cerec restorations using selected finishing shapes.



Excellent, Economical Finishing Diamonds
Smooth the surface of composite, glass ionomer and porcelain restorations. Extremely uniform coating of 30 micron grit allows smooth cutting, without vibration or damage to composites, glass ionomers or porcelain. Use with minimal pressure, adequate water and consistent wiping motion.


Crown Removal

Cutting Zirconia Crowns

Highest rated for Zirconia crown removal by Clinician's Report was the medium grit 1116.8M.

Use this diamond on the BruxZir®, Incoris TZ1 Cerec®, and Lava® crowns. Use shape 0118M for endo access.


Cutting Lithium Disilicate Crowns

These ceramic crowns are made by E.max®, Cerec, and Sirona®. A coarse diamond is recommended to cut through the material.


Cutting PFM Crowns

To remove porcelain fused to metal crowns, use a coarse diamond to cut through the porcelain layer. Then use a carbide metal cutter, NeoMax2 to cut the metal and remove the crown.


Pit & Fissure Diamond

The Pit & Fissure diamond treats decay early and preserves more healthy tooth structure. Its small diamond head size and shape make it easy to cut minimally invasive exploratory groove. It safer for kids than a carbide.

Pit & Fissure shape diamond is a thin 0.8 mm width is efficient for ultra conservative preparations. The diamond head length is 3.0 mm to cut to the DEJ.


Pit Fissure

Cross Refrence

Use this cross reference to easily find your NeoDiamond number from competitive diamonds.

Cross Reference


View the chart images below or download the PDF version | Download arrow-d

Crown & Bridge Operative - Ball

1nd ball

Crown & Bridge Operative -Inverted Cone

2nd inverted cone

Crown & Bridge Operative -Double Inverted Cone

3nd dbl inverted cone

Crown & Bridge Operative -Pear

4nd pear

Crown & Bridge Operative -Modified Flat End Cylinder

5nd mod flatendcylinder

Crown & Bridge Operative -Flat End Cylinder

6nd flatendcyl

Crown & Bridge Operative -Round End Cylinder

7nd rndendcylinder

Crown & Bridge Operative -Modified Beveled Cylinder

8nd modbevcylder

Crown & Bridge Operative -Modified Flat End Taper

10nd modflatendtaper

Crown & Bridge Operative -Modified Flat End Taper Large

11nd modflatendtaperlarge

Crown & Bridge Operative -Flat End Taper

12nd flatendtaper

Crown & Bridge Operative -Round End Taper

13nd-1 roundendtaper
13nd-2 roundendtaper

Crown & Bridge Operative -Round End Taper Large

14nd rndendtaper lrge

Crown & Bridge Operative -Pointed Taper

15nd pointedtaper

Crown & Bridge Operative -Pointed Cone

16nd pointedcone

Crown & Bridge Operative -Inter-Proximal

17nd intprox

Crown & Bridge Operative -Flame

18nd flame

Crown & Bridge Operative -Egg

19nd egg

Crown & Bridge Operative -Football

20nd football

Crown & Bridge Operative -Wheel

21nd wheel

Crown & Bridge Operative -Occlusal Reduction

20.5nd occreduction

Crown & Bridge Operative -Gross Reduction

22nd grossreduction

Crown & Bridge Operative -End Cutter

23nd endcutter

Crown & Bridge Operative -Depth Cutter

24nd depthcutter

NeoSpiral - Round End Taper & Football

25nd neospiral

Guide-Pin - Round End Taper

26nd guidepin

Endo Access - Round End Taper

27nd endo

Finishing & Trimming - R.E. Taper, Pointed Cone, Flame, Egg & Football

28nd finishing


Listed are awards NeoDiamond has received.


2015 da nd

NeoDiamond received Dental Advisor’s Top Bur-Diamond award for 2015.



 2012 dtn nd2011 dtn nd2010 dtn nd

Doctors on Dentaltown voted for their choice of diamonds. NeoDiamond wins Townie Choice Award® for the diamond bur category for three years in a row.



2011 da dy

NeoDiamond received Dental Advisor’s highest rating in 2011, The Editor’s Choice Award.



2011 dt nd

Dentistry Today's magazine recognized NeoDiamond as one of it's Top 100 Products in 2011.



2004 cr ndzr

Clinician's Report data showed highest rated Zirconia cutting diamond for cutting efficiency was NeoDiamond. Medium grit NeoDiamond shape 1116.8M was the shape tested along with a selection from other manufacturers. Review the results in the Clinicians Report (formaly CRA) in August 2008.



2001 cr nd

Combined lab and clinical data showed highest rated and best performing single-use diamond was NeoDiamond. Tests were performed by an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report – formerly CRA, September 2001.


"I'm very happy with Microcopy's commitment for excellence! Can't practice without NeoDiamond."

K Dority DMD, Boston, MA

"Thank you for making a diamond bur which performs very well and is economical."

S. Folsom DMD, Lenxington, NC

"Best diamond burs ever...I could not practice without them!"

T. Chastain DMD, Killen, AL

"These are excellent quality diamond burs. Makes crown preparation a breeze."

T. Prager DDA, Little Egg Harbor, NJ

"I really like the sterile and easy to dispense."

Maewall Dental Care, Wellesley, MA

"It's a good option for diamond burs since they are disposable."

S. Sangsurasak, DDS, Pasadena, CA

"Best diamond around for the price!"

K. Maloney DDS, Hamilton, OH

"My cutting efficiency with crown preps has improved since using NeoDiamonds, and I'm spending less money on specialized multi-use burs."

P. Lester DDS, Birmingham, AL

"A great product! Performs as well or better than diamonds costing 3 to 4 times as much."

M. S. Blum, Smithtown, NY

"It is nice to open a fresh bur and go to work with confidence and speed."

D. Ferguson DDS, Columbus, OH

"Cuts tooth easily with less trauma to the patient."

Carewell Dental PC, Rutland, MA

"By using the diamonds one time I believe it is less traumatic to the tooth and better for the patient. Microcopy diamonds are great!"

B. Parker DDS, San Bruno, CA

"I love using a fresh diamond almost as much as I hate using a dull bur."

A. Sackser DDS, Mimeloa, NY

"Great quality burs for everyday use."

M. Foroohar DDS, Crest Hill, IL

"Since using NeoDimond for one use, I get better preps."

Giedraj Matas DDS, Brecksville, OH

"I have been in practice for 30 years and these are the best diamonds I have ever used. Fast cutting, consistent and economical enough to use a new diamond every time."

J.R. Tallbacka DDS, Pompano Beach, FL

"I've tried other brands... but always return to NeoDiamond."

Edward Berger DMD, Atlanta, GA

"We appreciate the quality of your effective products which allow us to implement single-use and enjoy the numerous advantages."

Wayne Kerr DDS, Conyers, GA

"Composites have been turning out much better. I had a tendency to keep diamonds and carbide burs too long. Thanks!

Paul Shoberg DDS,Appleton, WI

"Best diamond cutting instrument I have ever used!"

Mike Malone DDS, Lafayette, LA

"I love the Interproximal Mosquito Neodiamond bur; very fine tip at a great price!"

Madelon Murphy DMD, PC Croton, NY

"Single-Use burs cut efficiently saving me time and money."

David Sun DDS, Fredericksburg, VA

"High quality, economically priced burs!"

Amita Raval DDS, DMD, Montgomery IL

"Your product has surpassed all claims - I am very pleased."

Jerry Benis DDS, Columbus, OH

 Zirconia Cutter

"I found the NeoDiamond 1116.8M to be very effective at cutting off Zirconia (LAVA) Crown

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