ShapePart #CategoryFamilyGritHead LgthHead DiaTip DiaOAL
0110Crown & BridgeBallM0.80.85N/A19.1
0112Crown & BridgeBallM0.11.2N/A19.2
0116Crown & BridgeBallCM1.651.75N/A19.2
0118Crown & BridgeBallCM1.81.85N/A19.2
0123Crown & BridgeBallCF2.22.4N/A17.4
0312Crown & BridgeInverted ConeM1.41.26N/A19.2
0316Crown & BridgeInverted ConeC1.61.65N/A19.25
0316.4Crown & BridgeInverted ConeC4.21.65NA19.2
0318.5Crown & BridgeInverted ConeC5.21.85NA19.2
0416Crown & BridgeDouble Inverted Cone (Amalgram Buster)C2.21.4N/A19.2
0508Crown & BridgePearMS1.60.87N/A16.1
0508Crown & BridgePearM 1.60.87N/A19.1
0512Crown & BridgePearMS3.21.35N/A16.1
0512Crown & BridgePearCM3.21.35N/A19.1
0614.8Crown & BridgeModified Flat End Cylinder (KR)CF8.21.51.520.2
0710Crown & BridgeFlat End CylinderCS MS41.11.116.2
0710Crown & BridgeFlat End CylinderCM41.11.119.2
0712Crown & BridgeFlat End CylinderC41.351.3519.2
0712.7Crown & BridgeFlat End CylinderC7.11.271.2719.2
0716.8Crown & BridgeFlat End CylinderC8.21.61.619.7
0816.6Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperCS MS6.
0816.8Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperCMF8.
0818.4Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperCM4.21.831.4318.1
0818.8Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperC8.251.971.4220.25
0914.8Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperCMF8.21.51.0519.7
0914.9Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperC9.11.40.7520.6
0916.8Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperCMF8.21.91.319.7
0916.10Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperCM10.21.71.1521.7
0918.8Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperCM8.21.951.4519.8
0918.10Crown & BridgeFlat End TaperCM101.951.4521.7
1112.7Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCM7.11.250.7518.6
1112.1Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCM101.40.721.7
1114.6Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCS 6.21.6116.7
1114.8Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCMF8.11.6119.7
1114.1Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCMF10.11.580.9221.6
1116.6Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCS MS6.21.81.1516.7
1116.7Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCM6.91.81.1518.5
1116.8Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCMF8.21.851.1519.7
1116.1Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCMF10.21.851.1521.7
1118.7Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCF7.21.951.418.7
1118.8Crown & BridgeRound End TaperC81.81.222
1118.9Crown & BridgeRound End TaperCMF9.21.951.420.7
1121.8Crown & BridgeRound End TaperC8.72.251.6519.9
1122.8Crown & BridgeRound End TaperC8.52.21.819
1210.7Crown & BridgeRound End Cylinder (KS-0)CF7.11119.1
1212.7Crown & BridgeRound End Cylinder (KS-1)C71.31.318.7
1214.8Crown & BridgeRound End Cylinder (KS-2)C8.11.51.519.7
1300Crown & BridgePointed ConeFS3.10.77N/A16.9
1310.3Crown & BridgePointed ConeMF3.10.75N/A22
1312.11Crown & BridgePointed ConeCF111.25NA24
1314.8Crown & BridgePointed ConeCMF8.11.45N/A19.5
1314.1Crown & BridgePointed ConeCMF101.5N/A21.5
1416Crown & BridgeInterproximal (Mosquito)MF5.11.650.319
1509.3Crown & BridgeFlame (Bevel Margin)MF2.850.85N/A20
1510.8Crown & BridgeFlameCMF8.11.05N/A20
1512.6Crown & BridgeFlameCS MS6.61.4N/A17.6
1512.7Crown & BridgeFlameC71.2N/A21
1512.8Crown & BridgeFlameCMF8.11.37N/A19.6
1512.1Crown & BridgeFlameCMF10.11.35N/A21.6
1514.7Crown & BridgeFlameCM7.51.4N/A19.5
1514.8Crown & BridgeFlameC8.11.5N/A19.6
1516.8Crown & BridgeFlameCMF81.5N/A19.5
1518.9Crown & BridgeFlameCF9.11.851.420.4
1712.8Crown & BridgePointed TaperCM81.350.920.1
1712.1Crown & BridgePointed TaperCM10.11.350.922.1
1714.8Crown & BridgePointed TaperCMF8.11.551.120.1
1714.1Crown & BridgePointed TaperCM10.
1716.6Crown & BridgePointed TaperCS MS6.61.71.2517.1
1716.8Crown & BridgePointed TaperCMF8.11.71.320.1
1718.8Crown & BridgePointed TaperCF8.11.91.4520.1
1718.1Crown & BridgePointed TaperC10.11.951.4521.6
1721.8Crown & BridgePointed TaperC8.12.21.620.1
1800.8Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperCF8.11.25N/A19.6
1804.8Crown & BridgeModified Flat End TaperC8.11.5N/A20.1
1812.8Crown & BridgeBeveled CylinderCMF8.11.27N/A19.6
1812.1Crown & BridgeBeveled CylinderCM10.11.3N/A21.6
1908Crown & BridgeEggCF3.51.9N/A18.7
1900Crown & BridgeEggCMF4.32.3N/A19.2
1916Crown & BridgeFootballCF3.21.7N/A19.2
1920Crown & BridgeFootballCF4.51.9N/A20
1923Crown & BridgeFootballCMF52.37N/A19.9
2035Crown & BridgeWheelC1.33.5N/A16.7
2042Crown & BridgeWheelC1.54.2N/A17.5
2133Crown & BridgeOcclusal ReductionC53.3N/A19.7
2137Crown & BridgeOcclusal ReductionC7.13.7N/A21.7
2217Crown & BridgeGross ReductionC7.71.71.720.3
2218Crown & BridgeGross ReductionC81.851.3520.2
2424Crown & BridgeRound End Taper LargeCS7.32.41.7518.7
2424Crown & BridgeRound End Taper LargeC7.12.351.7521.1
2525Crown & BridgeModified Flat End Taper LargeM4.22.5218
3116.8FinishingRound End TaperVF81.50.8519.6
3310.3FinishingPointed ConeVF30.7N/A22
3314.8FinishingPointed ConeVF81.2N/A19.4
3314.1FinishingPointed ConeVF101.25N/A21.4
5012Crown & BridgeEnd CutterM0.30.95N/A21.1
5014Crown & BridgeEnd CutterM0.351.15N/A21.1
5016Crown & BridgeEnd CutterM0.51.3N/A21.1
6005Crown & BridgeDepth CutterM1.22.63N/A19.15
7003Crown & BridgeDepth CutterM5.91.62N/A22.1
7005Crown & BridgeDepth CutterM5.92.15N/A22.1
8114.8NeoSpiralRound End TaperC8.21.550.9519.7
8116.8NeoSpiralRound End TaperC8.21.81.1519.7
8116.1NeoSpiralRound End TaperC10.21.81.1521.7
8118.7NeoSpiralRound End TaperC7.21.951.418.7
8118.9NeoSpiralRound End TaperC9.21.951.420.7
G9.016Guide-PinRound End TaperCF91.61.322
G9.021Guide-PinRound End TaperCF92.11.722
G9.023Guide-PinRound End TaperCF92.31.922
E164.011Endo AccessRound End TaperC101.81.121
E164.015Endo AccessRound End TaperC101.81.521
E165.014LEndo AccessRound End Taper Safe EndC81.4119

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Gazelle Nano Composite Polisher

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