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Gazelle Satin Polishers: $2.35 per polisher=$58.75 per pack of 25.
Available in Cups, Discs, and Points.



Gazelle Hi-Gloss Polishers: $4.45 per polisher=$44.50 per pack of 10.
Available in Cups, Discs, and Points.


Gazelle polishers are designed to polish nanocomposite. Our SilitecTM process gives the shape durablity to retain its profile and the flexibility to refine the tooth surface for the entire procedure. Two polishers are available in order to match the adjacent tooth surface, Satin and Hi-Gloss. Each one quickly polishes to a very smooth satin or hi-gloss surface based upon which polisher is used.

Gazelle is the only sterilized polisher. Steam and heat damages silicone in all polishers, therefore Gazelle is economically designed to be a single-patient-use polisher for safety and convenience.

Satin Polisher


Gazelle Satin

The Satin polisher is a clinical workhorse for everyday nanocomposite restoration. A quick solution to leave a smooth, satin surface, utilizing aluminum oxide in the Silitec process.

Removes surface striations and anatomical defects.

Leaves a smooth, satin gloss surface.

Strong and durable — will not break down during use.

Individually sterilized packets for single-patient-use.

Hi-Gloss Polisher


Gazelle Hi-Gloss

The Hi-Gloss polisher is for the most demanding nanocomposite esthetic restoration. A quick solution to leave a smooth, lustrous surface utilizing diamond particles in the Silitec process.

Leaves a liquid luster gloss.

Ideal for anterior restorations.

Strong and durable – will not break down during use.

Individual sterilized packets for single-patient-use.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

* Gazelle Satin: apply light pressure.

* Gazelle Hi-Gloss: apply feather light pressure.

Max speed 5,000 rpm.

Use no polishing paste.

Rinse and dry.

For single-patient-use.

*Avoid long periods of applied pressure as heat generation can cause
damage to the margins. Apply water spray to cool if needed.


"Outstanding polish and easy to use."

Pete Richards DDS 

"Great product! Holds it's shape, has the right amount of flex, with a mirror finish, all in one sterile package—what's not to like."

Garth Collins DDS, Folsom, CA

"The Gazelle Hi-Goss polisher is the best I have seen in 16 years of practice. The hi-gloss is unbelievable."

S. Grady DDS, Duluth, GA

"Gazelle is an easy to use system with throw away affordabitlity."

D. Chacko DMD, Omeida, TN

"Lasts much longer and holds shape better than Enhance"

Steve Mattingly DMD

"Gazelle holds its shape much better than Enhance (Dentsply)."

L. Rykiss DMD, Canada

"I am impressed with the shine I am able to achieve with every restoration."

B. Jacobson DDS, Federal, WA

"Good product; good polish and very durable."

M. Vermillion DDS, Dayton, OH

"Love Microcopy! Great burrs and now greatest composite polishers!!"

T. Paulson DDS, Chicago, IL

"Much better than Enhance cups."

L. Hubbard DDS, Statesboro, GA


"Excellent product, very satisfied!"

G. Lam DDS, Columbus, NM

"Very good product."

R Israel DDS, San Leandro, CA